I just started school and the only days of the week i can work out are friday, saturday, and sunday. i need some good routines for off-season size. have 2 shows next summer. i was thinking fri-chest arms, sat-legs, sun back shoulders. any suggestins? t-mag writers please input.

Try Mike Mentzer’s consolidated routine and only train one day per week.

Work quad dominant legs Fri., Upper body Sat., and Hip dominant legs Sun. Emphasize compound movements for the upper body with just 3-4 sets devoted to arms at the end of a workout. Do that for 3-6 weeks, then perform Legs on Sat. and Chest and Bi’s on Fri. and Back and tris on Sun, for 3-6 weeks. If you use compound movements your shoulders should do fine, if they still need something, I would recommend some drop sets or something that is time efficient.