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I started on a spiritual journey about a year ago when I went to Sedona and got woke. A discussion got started in PWI that gave me the idea to start this thread. The idea of the thread is to discuss all things that are woo woo, like Ayurvedic medicine, empathy, intuition, philosophy, etc…

I really think it should be flame free as well.



How did you “get woke”?

I am working on ptsd and self-reflection. It is helping me way beyond what I expected. Letting go of toxicity and self-reflecting are help me heal


I would say I had spent the better part of my life being an aethiest. Then, I started nursing. During my time working as a hospice nurse, I not only “wised up” about the importance of enjoying every day of your life, forgiving, being true to yourself, and making loved ones/family/friends a priority. On your death bed, well there are quite a few things you regret…

I also started experiencing some woowoo shit. I would have dreams of my patients the day they died, as if they were visiting me to say goodbye. This happened with family members as well. I could always tell when I was visited, because I would wake up crying.

This woke me up to the possibility that there is something else after this life, but that it is also very important to enjoy each day.

I think yoga/meditation etc…helps us become centered and more aware of how we feel, who we are, and helps us get in touch with our true selves. I think this is true of most activities we enjoy, or are drawn too.


I did a breathwork session in Sedona AZ. I talked about it in the PWI thread, so for some it may be redundant, but I’m going to add new information here.

I had what most would call a normal childhood, but it wasn’t normal for me. I’m a baby boomer and my grandfathers served in WWII, so my parents were all spare the rod and spoil the child.

Well, that shit didn’t work so well for me. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and addiction because of the things that I went through. I wasn’t really clear with who I was, my authentic self, my higher self. Because I wasn’t clear, I had no boundaries and I ended up in abusive relationships - not like I was getting beat and shit, because homey don’t play that.

But the relationships were dysfunctional and I always blamed my partner. Things were happening to me and my life was shit.

So last year I went to Sedona and did a breathwork session with a friend of my brother, who passed in 2001. We had always been in touch, but not so close. Then a friend of hers passed and she reached out to help deal with it.

Long story short, I went, did breathwork session, realized how fucked up my life was, fell in love with her, went back to NY and blew up my life. I moved out two months later, got an apartment, quit drinking, quit smoking, and started on a spiritual journey that has now included empath training, Reiki, Recovery 2.0 coaching, and now breathwork.

A few months later, the breathworker broke up with me (really just redifined our relationship - we’re still close), and I’m in an apartment, missing my kids, across the country from my family, and having to find my way.

That way has included meditation, breathwork, and studying Buddhism (I’m not a Buddhist though, I just like a lot of their shit).

So, through classes I have taken, personal work, and breathing, I feel like I got woke.

But, I think woke is relative. I’m more woke than I was, but I feel like I can get a whole lot more woke. So I’m here to learn from those that are more woke than I, like @T3hPwnisher and @EmilyQ and all of the other T-Nation nation.

So, bring it on everybody.


I can relate in many ways. Right now self-reflection to completely remove toxicity and baggage out of my life has been number one. In my readings I found a quote that I’ll share because it hit a nerve that I really needed to be working harder on myself:
“There is no greater journey than the one you must take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you Michelle Sandlin


Thanks for sharing. What makes someone more “woke” then you?

Great question.

I think it really has to do with people that are less attached to self being more woke than I.

What I mean by that is that I am still way too attached to my sense of self as others see me. When I get to the point that I don’t give a shit what others think, I think I will be as woke as I can get.

This is an utter conundrum for me. I’m very attached to my ex girlfriend. She’s woke. She is doing what is right for her, but wants me to be happy.

Fuck that. I want her to be with me.

If I was truly woke, I would want whatever is best for her, regardless of how it affects me.

Probably a bad example, but I’m still struggling with this. It really has to do with ego I think.



I’m not woke, I’m just weirdly curious and willing to talk every single thing to death.

I’m going to grab a bottle of wine and go do that at my girlfriends’ house for the evening, which while not woo should be very enjoyable. They’re both therapists, so we’ll all be well supported in whatever comes up!

(Old T Nationers will recognize this as both a lesbian party and a magazine club meeting.)


The Buddhist/ Taoist belief is that wokeness is acquired once one has been through mental suffering and anguish so immense that he sees beyond what normal humans are able to. Hence the “3rd eye” is opened. It’s called kai guang in mandarin, which is akin to “seeing the Light”. That’s when you realize everything is an illusion and immaterial so you shave your head, turn vegetarian and start devoting your life to reading the Scriptures. I may have been close to reaching that state while listening to U2 but I like my full head of hair and steaks.


Could you clarify a bit here?

When I think of woo, I see only one woo in that sentence. How are empathy, intuition, philosophy (and whatever falls under the mantle of “etc…”) woo-ish?

You can always settle for a wig

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And listen to Numb again? No fucking way!

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All thing WooWoo you say?

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This is not my understanding, but I be not woke. My understanding of enlightenment/nirvana is emptiness and a total lack of attachment to this world. So when somebody kicks you in the nuts, you don’t feel pain for yourself, you’re mainly concerned about the mind of the guy that kicked you and the shitty karma that is going to trap him in samsara - the endless cycle of suffering.

Pretty sure I am not clear on this, maybe we should call Rip?

Yeah, great question. It’s a great question because I got no real definition of what is woo ish.

I grew up a Reagan Republican and anything I didn’t understand was woo woo - shamanism, ayurveda, Buddhism, spiritualism, any of that left wing liberal commie shit.

So, I guess anything that isn’t mainstream is woo woo. I suspect that means BJJ as well as it’s not wrasslin.

But I would welcome you to contribute to what you consider woo ish. Maybe that should be a part of the discussion.


Well when I think of woo, i think of a few things…

  1. Alternative Medicine first and foremost. Ayurveda is a good example. Reiki and shamanism too. Basically anything that claims health and especially curative benefits but lacks any hard science backing it up.
  2. Stuff people just make up. Fake martial arts are a good example here.
  3. Anything classified as supernatural. Ghost experiences, possession, angels/demons. Sexy demons might be real, that would sure explain a lot, but even sexy demons I suppose.

I wouldn’t think of BJJ as woo. It is just a set of instructions for what to do when you’re in a particular position and you want to either escape or control/submit/maim/kill your opponent. It is entirely based in reality, although it certainly attracts people who might buy into the some of the things I listed above. It sure seems like magic when someone’s doing it to you.

When I think of woo I think of harmful woo and harmless woo. Broadly speaking, harmful woo is anything that drives people away from something that could benefit them. Steve Jobs went all in on his woo and it failed him entirely. Parents who choose to use prayer to treat their child’s staph infection would also be in this camp. Anti-vaxxers as well.

Harmless woo would be Reiki, although I think there are some predatory practices going on there. I’ve seen pretty fantastic claims, up to and including cancer cures. That’s harmful woo. Most reiki I think is harmless at worst and beneficial at best. Broadly speaking, if it makes you feel better and you don’t feel like you got cheated out of your money, I think it is good. If nothing else you make a connection with another person via your wacky beliefs and you both walk away feeling better because of it. That’s good woo in my book.


Yes, but how do you get there? And to view the world without attachment, you have accept that everything is immaterial. If everything is immaterial, therein lies the emptiness.

Look at the cycles of reincarnation. If one were conscious of it while going through each cycle, one would see the futility of it all eventually as everything would end in death and grief and repeat itself again and again.

I know the old Indians were rather badass motherfuckers but Chinamen aren’t going to react the same way lol.

The Chinese Buddhist hell is one of being trapped in a void with all of one’s mental faculties still intact where time is endless, sort of like being in Stephen King’s The Jaunt.

Relating it to real life, it would be similar to being unable to move on while the world and everything around you does. Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 depicted this as being on an endless train ride with all your surroundings within the train remaining the same while everything outside of it constantly changes. Everyone you meet gets off towards his/her own destination in life while you’re stuck in one place watching them.

But hey, I’m a Catholic, so take all this with a grain of salt.

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Is this one of those anti-demonic exorcism rituals?
Where can I find more recipes?


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Tie a red string to your big toe and attach it to a banana tree. A banana spirit will visit you in the night in the form of a sexy chick and fuck you to death lol.


Nope. Only joss sticks and paper money.

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