Women on Fat Fast?

As you all know (and are probably looking forward to) bathing suit season is coming up and for some it is probably already here. I’ve been a bad girl over the winter…you know storing up for winter hybernation and all, so I’ve gained a little bit of extra weight. I don’t look forward to stuffing winter storage into a bikini this summer. I’m watching my husband shed pounds on the Fat Fast and I wonder if there is any reason I shouldn’t go on it myself. I’m sure someone out there has something to say on the matter…let me know what you think. Thanks!

Someone help the lady. She can’t take andro and wants to lose fat quick like I am. Fat fast is working for me, could she do it?

My wife and I are both going to do it starting next week (picked an arbitrary day). I’ve done it before, but I’m worried my wife will lose too much muscle without using the Androsol, or goof up her hormones if she uses it. Any thoughts on this factor? (P.s. I’ll let you know how it’s working- good or bad.)

The ladies can still use Methoxy-7 and MD6.

I would recommend 1000 calories for you, unless you are over 170 lbs. The 1300 figure is very low for men but only standard for most women. Also, substitute Nandrosol for Androsol.