Alright, I need help. I have terrible back genetics. I cannot get my lats nice and wide. I have tried everything under the sun to get those suckers to pop out but with no luck. I have been doing Poliquin’s kill your back with pull ups routine and have never been stronger, but I just can’t get my lats to pop out. Anybody got some ideas I could try?

I used to chin like a maniac 1010 with 45 secs between sets (dead hang)weighing just over 90kg.I got so good I could do 35 absolute dead hangers that way without throwing my knees up or wriggling out.But still no lats,I then tried rows & was able to strict bent over row with 100kg5, still some progress, but nought to write home about. THEN I worked on my deadlifts and as a long arm deadlifter i not only became naturally adept but my lats actually grew in width and thickness as did my lower back,mid lumbar and traps.Try it you will be amazed.
I know Rickey Crain agrees with this.

Deadlifts gave me new growth in my back and traps.

If you are over 21, stack androsol with trenbolene or testosterone. Unless you are already an AAS veteran, consult a T-mag AAS guru, so you don’t F yourself up.

Eat every 2 hours ( 24 hours a day). Also stick with the Poliquin workout. Periodize your training, include some real heavy pullup/chinup work with added weight, like 2 rep sets to failure with 5 second eccentric followed immediatly by 3 5 second negatives(use chair or stool to get back to top position for negatives).

 Deadlifts will help lats also, but in my opinion are not essential for huge lats. They promote compound movment functional strength. 

Deadlifts will add mass to some parts of your back, but not your lats. The lats are not involved at all in a properly executed deadlift.

The way I see it, you’re going well but don’t give up, look at nutrition. I don’t recommend trying roids just because you can’t get back width. How is the rest of your develoment? Your back is just lagging? If you read this mag then you know that nutrition is the most overlooked part of the triangle. It would be the first phase of my advice for you. Besides the Poliquin workout what else have you tried for your back?

What kind of tempos are you using? Try slowing down your concentric tempos (e.g., 505, 10-0-10, 30-0-30, etc.) Try the gymnasts extended back routine. If you can perform it, don’t worry too much about width, your strong as hell. If anyone says anything, kick their ass.

I would try 1:6:1 for your back. I think that you should try to hit the nervous system. try the 161 for 3weeks then maybe do wide grip negatives with a spotter.

Let me ask you this - do you FEEL it in your lats after you’ve worked your back, or is it pretty bland and non-sore once you’re done? One HUGE problem that some people have, (myself once included,) is that they use far too much bicep involvement in back exercises and not nearly enough actual back work. Do you pull back with your elbows? You might want to try pretending that on rows, pull-ups, etc. that you’re trying to jab someone behind you with your elbows as you pull back. One I learned to stop using my biceps, my back began to grow. Also, as some have mentioned here, deadlifts did in fact do well for my back. Another thing to do that is a great all-around builder are barbell static holds - works the back, forearms, and traps all in one exercise. Just grab a heavy-ass barbell you’ve set in the power rack at just a bit above knee level and a bit below waist level. Hold it for as long as possible in a mixed-grip manner (one hand overhand, the other done underhand grip) until it feels like your arms are about to rip off at the sockets. If you tense up and flex your entire back on this, it will ultimately make you much stronger overall for anything that requires back movement or grip strength. Remember, NO STRAPS!

Oh yeah, one last thing to try is to do all your exercises one-armed on your back day, such as one-armed pulldowns, dumbbell rows, one-armed seated row, etc. This will insure that you won’t be cheating one side out of the full work on any exercises. It also helps to keep proper form in check, and it helped me to break a few plateaus I’d reached.

Hope this helps!-


Try superset barbell pullovers (medium grip) with medium grip chin-ups (palms facing you) in high volume manner.

Maybe try supersetting dumbell pullovers with iron crosses (static)

Do GVT for your back. I just threw it in my routine yesterday, did 10 sets of 4 chins at a 31X tempo with 1 minute rest. Today my back hurts more than it ever has in my whole life. I can’t wait to do it again.

Heres a routine you can try, but I’ll warn you that it’ll make very sore. If you gym has a squat rack with a pull up bar built in it’ll make this a lot easier. Set up the barbell for deadlifts. Not maximal weight, but something you can get a good ten reps with. Do a set of deadlifts, then follow with a set of bent over barbell rows with an underhand grip. Try to keep rest between exercises to 45 seconds max(enough time to change plates between deads and rows). Follow the set of rows with a set of pull-ups. Basically this is a giant set. repeat this 4 times. You’ll most likely get winded if you normally don’t train like this, but if you make it through your lats should feel real sore along with the rest of your back.