Why so big?

Guys, I bet you’ve been through this situation before. People ask: why do you want to be so big? Why do you even use drugs to achieve that? What are your goals by doing this? What’s the point? I would like to hear your opinions?

Why do people climb Mt Everest? Why do people sky dive? Why do some smoke Crack?

I can’t answer for everyone, wouldn’t really want to try to guess for anyone else.

For me it is simple, a feeling of accomplishment.

Hope that helps

I’m only 5’9" 195lbs est. bf 8% with 15 3/4 inch arms. I get the same question asked from regular people that i know. I’ve never done any roids but will not rule them out in the future. I tell people that I’m not satisfied with my body size and my strength levels. You have to understand that these people are not into bodybuilding, athletics, powelifting, etc. They don’t understand how hard it is and if they do understand they don’t have the will power to do it. Girls always say that they don’t want me to be bigger and i laugh at them saying that they are not qualified to say what looks good when i see the sappy dudes that they go out with. Other people say that its to boost my ego which is B.S. because i got more things going for me then just my body. I train 3-4 times a week and i enjoy this more then hanging out and wasting time. Like i say to people you should always be improving your soul, your mind, and your body. Thats what the Lord gave us.

Why you ask? Why do I want to big be? Why do you want to get bigger than you already are? Maybe I am seeking dominance - but then i know some little guys who could leave me in my own puddle if they desired. Do I feel inadequate? No, I live a great life, I have a beatiful woman who loves me, and a big Johnson so thats not it. The first movie I remeber seeing vividly was Conan the Barbarian. I was remeber hiding under the corner table watching it, unnoticed by my mom and dad who thought I was in the bed. The first boyish toy I can remeber really being fond of(I am sure i had a teddy bear or something before that)was my He-Man figurine, overly muscular exactly proportional, and 4 inches tall, you know an exact replica of Lee Priest - Ha! But I think from my earliest years i have seen muscles as meaning an individual possesed Solidarity, strenght, and power. I have always thought that a male that posseses a less than adequate male structure was somehow less than adequate -more like helpless (i don’t mean everyone should look like Arnold), like the man Chris talked about in his last guest t-dawg column - Pot belly, chicken legs and arms. You r bodies Testoterone was gift given to you by God, and you should maximize its potential to bring you all those cool male aesthetic qualitys. Why do I want to be big? Because I am supposed to be big.

I’ll let Mike Katz answer this for me:“Sometimes when you’re working out in the gym & you’re so much more developed &, you know, unbelievable in comparison to anybody working out around you, you say to yourself ‘Man, am I real? Is it possible to be this big?’ And sometimes I’ll gander in the mirror when I see some little guy who’s working pretty hard go by & I’ll say ‘That’s ridiculous; how can this be possible?’ Then I start, sometimes I find myself looking for defects in the mirror, you know, to see if I’m really that big or if there may be a mistake-you know a wave in the mirror that makes you look bigger. I don’t get hung up thinking about it, but sometimes I do. You know you’re not normal, because normal is 6ft. tall, 150 or 160lbs., you know, fairly skinny; or a big fat person. So that you know that because you’re superiorly built, & you’ve trained & developed that way, that you DO look odd. I mean you DO look unreal.”

Because I like the feeling to be a little stronger and bigger than the average joe.

I didn´t knew how much my muscles meant for me until I lost around 35 lbs (total bodyweight) due to illness last year. I miss them dearly …sob

My standard reply: “So my genitals don’t look freakishly huge compared to the rest of my body.” Get’s 'em every time.


I want to get big because pushing my own personal limits in the gym and with nutrition helps me push the limits outside of the gym as well. It makes me feel like a better person, not because i am big, but because of what it has taken and what it will take to continue on the Quest. I has given an unbelievable work ethic and dedication to all that is important and meaningful. One Must have goals and one must know how to acomplish them… Once you acomplish a goal, it is time to set another. One i get big…i want to get bigger. And Getting bigger helps all of my other goals in life fall easier.

I think it’s a mentality of taking things to the extreme, no matter what the pursuit. I did it in running, triathlon, cycling, and now weights. It’s a matter of finding out what your limits are, then exceding them. Iron just happens to be our chosen medium.

Because deep inside I’m pretty insecure. Because I’m short and this makes up for it. Because I was a skinny little kid who got picked on a lot, and this muscle is like a shield of armor protecting me.
Because I crave the attention my body gets me, and I can’t think of another way to get it. Because I don’t get along that well with too many people, and need an activity I can do by myself.
Because I don’t have more than a high school education, and this helps convince me I’m better that those suits driving by in their BMW’s.
Because I’m trying to live up to the perception I have of what my Dad wants me to be.

I want to be big and strong because I think its cool. Tell those folks to fuck off, you don’t have to justify yourself to them.

I’m 16. People always ask me, “oh how big you wanna get?” I wanna get as big as I can without putting my health at risk. I do plan on using steroids, but I’m definitely going to take advantage of my already high T levels and wait till about 23.
I think being huge looks good. I think its really simple because if something feels good, and it won’t hurt you, it could make you $, get you more women, then why not do it?

it’s very nice to hear someone be brutually honest

Well i just love top lift and see what my body can do. Also i love the feeluing you get after a hard work out when your all calm almost like a high, i believe im addicted to that high i cantr live without it!!! THe steroids i will probably doi without im just turned 18 6’ tall 230 lbs with 10% bf never used ne drugs. PErsonally i see no need to use them unless i was a professional athelete and wasnt up to par on any level. Im not against drug use dont get me wrong but i dont see the need to stress my internal organs. i dont need any more problems then i already have with asthm,a and allergies but im working on it.

i like looking big.

depends on how big, if you mean probodybuilder big than I would agree with them (how many of you have seen someone like flex or coleman in person? they look like the LEAST athletic people on the planet) but it it was just being big and musclar, they can look around and see who the women are looking at and find their own answer. peace

Why are you assuming everybody wants to look like a pro-bodybuilder, or get as big as their genetic limit allows them?

For one, I certainly don’t. I want to look “natural” - lean, ripped, but with decent size. If you know the look of an Aussie Rules footballer, say “Kouta” from Carlton FC, you’ll know the look I’m talking about. Its a very athletic look, but big-ish all the same.

Ask them why they like being small, or weak or fat or whatever their bodytype is, ask them why they want to make more money, have whiter, straighter teeth, be the smartest, the coolest, and drive the best car. If they answer that they dont want to be any of those things, then they are lazy, and at the very least noncompetitive and wouldn’t understand anyway, so don’t waste your time trying to explain.

I’m sorry, but I think this is a rude question and expresses some sort of vague disapproval. My response to the last pencilneck guy that asked me that question was:" I’m not trying to get bigger,I want to get smaller, in fact I’d love it if you would give me a few tips on what you do to get legs like yours" After my comment, he shut up and minded his own business. I am 5’6 and 132 lbs by the way-not exactly huge, but stronger than he was by a long shot. Guess he didn’t like the idea of a girl being able to kick his @$$!

The answer is simple. I don’t want to get big. NO not at all. I am addicted to lifting vast quanities of iron, eating tons of protein so when I take a dump I feel like Im giving birth and enjoy riding exercise equipment for hours on end. Why those big muscles? Well their just the price I have to pay for supporting my habit.