Why lift weights?

OK, I have a persuasive speech due on Tuesday. I’ve finally given up and decided to do it on weight training. So what could I use as main points to pursuade people to lift weights? Don’t get me wrong, I can think of plenty of reasons on my own, I’m just looking for a little help. I want a good grade on this one. Thanks.

Getting bigger and stronger and achieving your goals in the weightroom makes you carry your “weightroom attitude” into the rest of your life. You get confidence and self-esteem and pursue your goals rentlessly. You’ll rise above the shithole created by the defeated, mediocre people out there who’ve resigned to being fat fucking tubs.

It makes you look better (we all want to look good nekid!). Which in turn makes you feel better an become more confident. It increases your self esteem, leads to less depression, more energy, stronger bones, bigger and stronger muscles, better posture, less chance of medical costs due to ill health or broken bones (remember, weight training increases bone density - especially effective for the elderly), lower insurance rates for being healthy (as long as you eat healthy while weight training), helps with attraction to the opposite sex, possibly a better job due to the fact that you do have more confidence, tend to be more outspoken and stand up for yourself. So those are just a few more points. Go get’em!

It’s functional training. For instance, every time that you get up from a chair, you’re performing a squat-type exercise. In other words, weight training makes life easier. Then there’s all the obvious stuff: bone density, confidence, decreased risk of injury, prevention of atrophy that comes with aging, a better sex life, etc., etc., etc…

Looking TRE excellente in a pair of boxer briefs. Ow!

Thanks for everything, guys. Any ideas on something I could use for a “visual aid”? (Besides myself!)

So you’re not a pussy! There are ready to many out there.