Which Program Would You Recommend?

Hi Coach,

This question is in regards to which program you recommend for long term use, say indefinitely until progress/results plateau. I have read your Jacked Athlete 31 article and your SGSS program and really liked the loading and progressions your outlined. However, these programs were designed to be used for a certain time period. Could you (or anyone else) recommend a program of yours for long term use that balances both size and strength gains? Thank you for your time.

Pretty much all of the programs I write are designed for a 12 weeks cycle.

Thanks coach for the reply. If you don’t mind me asking further…
I am currently recovering from an eating disorder and am trying to build back up my strength and mass. Based on your neurotyping, I am definitely a type 3 who thrives off routine and well mapped out progressions with consistent exercises. Would you be able to recommend a progression model or routine split or specific program that allows for long term, consistent application? Thank you.

Just run the 12 weeks over or plan back-to-back phases? So you’d still know what’s coming next by planning to do SGSS, then Jacked Athlete, then Best Damn, etc.

I think this is the nature of a program, they are (possibly by definition) finite but I’m not linguist.

Even without you writing this out, I figured as you were asking to do something in perpetuity. I’m not the same type of person so I don’t feel as if I’m in the best position to recommend you any programs. I’m however moderately well-read up on CTs work on the forums, Thibarmy, and here. The best suggestion(s) I can manage would be for you to read up on Hepburn Progression

Another applicable suggestion, I feel, is

And finally, an idea would be to use the progression outlined in “The Undulating Periodization Strength And Size Program” (Thibarmy) but only switch the loading scheme whenever you cease to progress.

It’s also conceivable that, since you ask

you’d be able to run this which was posted on the forums at some point back in the day

here’s a less stressful alternative that might mesh better with you being a type 3

Something that might be applicable to that, and the article “How I Added 100 Pounds To My Deadlift In 2 Weeks” is that when you fail to progress (or on a pre-defined rotation) change rep-ranges. For ideas on what range to change into, the HSS-100 program might be a clue (it’s toward the end of the article. Start reading at the heading “Accumulation Phase (4 weeks)”)

and if you feel less stressed by higher reps maybe employ this to guide your rep-targets

@ me in your log or visit mine if you ever want to talk about this. Eating disorders manifest themselves in many different ways, I don’t know if you have an issue with getting to the gym, or if you have an issue with being in the gym too much. I tended to favour 4-day programs when replying because I read this statement from you but if you think you have the energy to train 3-4 days, opt for 3.

I am a huge fan of the Best Damn Workouts for Natural Lifter, especially being 57. This workout program has kept me in the gym 95% of the time over the past 3 years. Granted, there are no shows in my future, but if you want to stay in shape, build some good muscle and improve your physique without pain, I would highly recommend it. It really has been a God Send and kept me lifting. But, as I said it depends on your expectations, you will not compete with it!

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Thank you everyone for you input and advice. Allberg, thank you for your in depth response, very much appreciated and I will certainly read up on your suggestions.

Best of luck fam.