Where to buy 99.9% ethanol?

Does anyone know where to buy 99.9% ethanol? I’ve searched on the internet without much luck, and local pharmacies only sell 70%.

Go to the msn homepage and run a search for “science equipment”. There is a supply store that is on the second page of results. I think it is #20 or something. This should help.

You can buy everclear for 99% ethyl alcohol or check the Chemistry Store online if you are looking for 99% isopropanol or any other basic chemicals. Good luck!

Hey, isn’t in ethanol that we drink to get pissed? I mean ethanol = booze, right? Shit, booze in Finland costs TOO DAMN MUCH besides anything over 60% is considered a drug.

With your help I just found some ethanol. Thanks fellas.

Don’t use ethanol that you buy from a science supply store that is 99% because it has been dried with something, and that probably is really bad for you. Just use everclear, it is not 99% but what is in it is not going to kill you, it is just H2O.