When to Train Small Muscles

So… I’ve been following adage of “don’t waste time on minor movements such as curls and instead, focus on the complex movement such as bench etc.” for a while now.

While I can’t complain too much since even though I don’t do curls, I am still able to curl 135lbs just for shits and giggles (I surprised myself) so I know in terms of strength, I am good to go even on my smaller muscles.

The thing is, my arms aren’t cut up at all. They are not very well defined. I’ve been on programs (my past 4 or 5) which don’t specify working arms…

I am just kind of torn between working complex movements and wanting to get more defined arms. What do you guys do? Should I just tack on a few sets of arm workouts at the end of whatever program I am working on? How do you manage to sneak in these minor movements in your workouts?


Defined arms are a product of low bodyfat. Muscles are either big or small and how visible they are depends on how much fat is covering them. Genetically people differ on where they store fat. For me my arms are the last place to get lean. I got down to 11% Body Fat with a 30 " waist at 200 pounds and my arms were still bulky w/o being cut. In either case it’s a question of leaness and directly related to diet.

Defined arm is surely more a matter of fat loss than building their size. I have really defined arms but their only 15"