Wheeler's Death

Being the football season is almost over, did they blame Northwestern’s safety’s death on the asthma problem he had? The last I heard was that he had Ultimate Orange in his system when they conducted the autopsy. Coach Davies how do you think this will affect college strength and conditioning programs around the country? Or is it in the back of people’s minds now so it wont at all?

Seems to me they blamed it on the asthma, but when they found the Ultimate Orange they started blaming it on that but it was never conclusive. Also, the mother is still planning to sue Northwestern.

As for impact on collegiate strength and conditioning programs I would expect more emphasis on an emergency plan and having an athletic trainer on hand. From what I have seen when I have been associated with collegiate programs the athletes who have the biggest problems are the ones who come to camp or at the end of the summer out of shape. Most coaches start at the beginning of the summer with some running and then add more and more throughout. When new recruits or returning players who didn't stay the summer come they are out of shape compared to the rest of the players but are still required to do the same amount of running. I'm not sure if this was Wheeler's situation though.

Wheeler’s Mom will probably own Northwestern University in a couple months.

It is too bad that we don’t know more information about what exactly was happening during the practice. We would need to be in the inner circle of strength coaches to find out.