Whats wrong with bread, pasta, potatoes and rice?

A lot of people are saying bad things about
bread, pasta, potatoes and rice as a carb source.
Could someone explain this?

They’re (basically) mid-high on glycemic index and higher in calories than veggies,salad,etc. Also the pasta & bread are processed(many ingredients)-harder time for the body to break it down in time- much easier to be stored as fat. PROTIEN- there’s chemical(MRP’S) & mechanical(chicken,fish,etc)- When I diet I eliminate ALL MRP’S,etc.The body gets thermogenic & burns cals. faster SIMPLY FROM EATING WHOLE PROTEIN SOURCES !!! Thought you might find that intresting- Designer Protein won’t tell you that!

Do a search on the web for Paleolithic Nutrition

Thanks for your advise,
I have read Paleolithic Nutrition, according to this grain is a bad carb source, e.g Rice, Oats, what would you guys recommend as I don’t like the idea of eating 250grams of carbs from veg and fruit not to mention problems with insulin response from bannanas etc.

I used to stay far away from those sources too…but if u Read John Bearadi’s massive eating article u’ll see he reccomends whitepasta and rice and poataoes. Go figure…i wonder why

Some people might say that there is no such
thing as a “good” carb source or a “bad” carb
source - only correctly timed and incorrectly
timed carb type intake. Some people would say
that. But for me personally, there are some
carb sources I definitely need to avoid.
Experiment and see what works for you; everyone is different.