whats with this 1-AD stuff

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anyways i just wanted some real advice on this 1AD thing preferablly from cy wilson bill roberts or brock strasser i myself find it hard to chemically replicate such a delicate chain but hey ya never know

Best advice: if you’re curious and can
readily afford the loss if it so happens
it doesn’t work, then buy some, and give it
a fair trial, making it the ONLY change
that you’re making. Then go off it, keeping
everything else the same, then go back on
it again. If it works well it should be
quite obvious to you. If nothing all that
obvious occurred, “maybe I did a little
better than I would have otherwise but
I’m not sure,” then, as with all other
bb’ing supplements, it’s not worth the money
unless you have lots to blow.

Or if you’d rather use the most-certain
means to enhance your progress right now,
I’d use something which has given people
good results instead. Though if you have
a lot of money you could throw in the 1-AD…
problem is, if also using something like
Androsol, you won’t be able to tell whether
the 1-AD helped you or not, since there’s
really no way to know whether one supplement
did it all, they divided it 80/20, they
divided it 50/50, they divided it 20/80, etc.

There IS no answer out there, other than
the word of someone who gave similar testimonies for androstenedione and oral 4-AD,
for whether this product works well orally or not. So your decision has to be made on the
principle that it’s an unknown, an interesting but uncertain possibility that also could be
no better than the previous oral products from
the same company.