What should I stack?

I am 23 years old and weigh 175. Strength is good. 315 bench press 385 squat. I am cosidering two steroid stacks right now. Either 10 sustonon, 20 primoboan, 250 anadrol & 250 d-bol or 30 primobolan plus the drol and the d-bol. I’m looking for mass and some nice cuts(not extremely shredded). Also concerned about too much acne for summer. Which stack should I use and what is the bet way to take it?

Well if you don’t want acne then test. is out. Some people don’t have a huge problem with acne from testosterone but most break out terribly. Some get acne from dbol as well. Give us some more info. How much mass are you looking for? If you aren’t looking for more than 25lbs. then you could put that on with several 2 on-4 off cycles easily(maybe even 2 cycles if your diet and training is on target). Also, are these the only androgens you can get? Have you already bought them? Give us a little more info and we’ll point you in the right direction.