What do you think of this cycle?

T-men, please give me your opinion on the following

wk 1. 2000 mg test, 800 mg Deca, wk 2-6. 1000 mg test, wk 2-4 400 mg Deca, wk 5-8 400 mg primo.

The testosterone is only injected for 6 weeks as I which to get off within 60 days. I´m considering adding dbol or anadrol for the last 3 weeks since levels of test. would be lower during this time. Any comments ?

Wow…that’s more than I’d give my horse, and he already weighs 1250 lb. In case you haven’t guessed already I think it’s a tad more than you really need to get great gains but it’s your money and your body.

Yep, 1000mg of Test/week is the max I would go.

Reference to my previous post, 1000mg of Test and I would cut the deca to 400-450 mg.

Unless you have done a lot of cycles before I personally don’t think that there is too much benefit to doing that much. It sounds like you’d be a bald, pimply albeit probably big mutha’. For myself I don’t think that the sides would be worth the chance of somewhat better gains. I guess that you could add some dbol in the mornings of the last three weeks but I think that I’d just stick with the Primo in the last three. Definitely plenty of Nolva and Clo.

I´ve already tried 1000 mg of test per week.
Good gains and few sideeffects - slight increase in acne and some water retention.

Clomid at 50 or 75 mg per day is used to
combat that pesky estrogen.

I´m not prone to hairloss - there are no
bald men (or women) among my relatives - but
then again the don´t shoot test :slight_smile:

JJR - 800 mg of deca is injected on day 1-the
same logic as doing twice the dose of testosterone. Sound ok ?

Biggest problem is the injection volume for
day 1 - how am I going to shoot 16 cc´s of
juice ?
I only have 22 gauge needles so I guess delt injections are out of the question ??