What Blood Tests/Screenings?

I have a physical coming up in a few weeks and would like to get some blood work done. I am 39 and have been lifting for some 20+ years. I am a former SHW powerlifter but over the past year I have started to become more “healthy” with bodyweight, food, lifestyle, HITT. Got kids and want to be around… Trying to transform myself from a gorilla to more healthy leaner animal.

I love PL if not for a major injury I would be still competing but at a lower bw. After watching the Randy Coutre training video clip for his last fight was inspiring for me to get in the best physical/mental condition I can for what I consider may be the best 10 years of my life…my forties.

I have no overwhelming concerns at this point but know the battle with health issues is better if caught up front. In addition I would like to know what tests might be able to help me continue with my goal of changing my body to leaner one.

I was planning on the following tests:
cholesterol, triglyceride
urinalysis for stones (I live in the Stone belt and family members who have had them.)
PSA ( Dad battled and won againist prostrate cancer)
test total and free
c-reactive protein
stool sample
later on a electrocardiogram

Anything else I should consider for health and performance?

Thanks in advance.

I just realized I typed HITT…I meant HIIT High Intensity Interval Training.

I’d also get Estradiol and for a full ride I’d also consider a thyroid series, SHBG, IGF-1 and LH.

The happydog is correct, I agree.