What a load of shit!

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with Subway’s current ad campaign featuring some fatass named Jared who lost 200-some odd pounds eating only two Subway sandwiches a day. Sad thing is, if you put any grossly overweight person on ANY calorie restricted deit they’ll lose substantial amounts of ~scale~ weight. The dude went from being a total fatass to a smaller fatass (aka the Bill Clinton physique). How healthy can a diet consiting of less than 50 gr/protein a day and a neglible amount of veggies be? With marketing hype like this being pimped by such a mainstream fast food icon, I can’t help but feel sorry for overweight folks who have a legitamite interest in losing weight but no idea where to start. Thanks for hearing out my rant.

Jeff, I couldn’t agree more. I remember when I first saw that, and I actually had friends who thought that was such a great way to lose weight.

Can you say, "dumbasses?"

Because that's what the majority of Americans are when it comes to nutrition, training and being healthy!

And yes, he does look like crap. He's just not as much of a piece of crap as he was before. Someone should tell that sorry bastard to start hitting the weights and eating correctly.

It is aggravating when you see this kind of stuff. I don’t want to even get started…

I lost 100 lbs with bill philips special recipe, Hmb and Hmb. Funny thing I felt like I was on Deca.Next I think I may do the body for life thing. Aint they givin’ away a new porsche this year?

I absolutely agree, it is sooo aggravating to see such sad misguiding bullshit. It’s sad also because people take that sort of shit information and have to be totally deprogrammed before they will listen to anything sensible. I do however have to take exception with B, Muscle Media is woefully lacking in so many things and most all of us loyal T-maggers feel a little pissed off that Bill pussed out the way he did- But I much prefer the Body for Life program than I do any Slimfast or Subway sorts of crap!! Isn’t preferable to see the general public slightly over excited about the basics than proud that they are subsisting on Slimfast?!

There is some value to Subway foods. I’ve found a way to make a great meal from them. Order a 6" “super club” on wheat. That’s double the meat (the same amount you’d get if you’d bought a foot-long, but at less cost), which increases the lean protein content. The wheat bread is lower-GI carb, and add tomatoes (prostate health, low-GI carb). A little olive oil (healthy fats) and light mayo (calories without the added fats) and you have a decent lunch. I wouldn’t pretend to live on these, but it’s a great source of healthy foods.

Lunch meat isn’t healthy at all. I used to think so, but found that it is processed too much. I eat a blimpies sandwich maybe once every 3 months. My $.02

You should just skip the Subway sandwiches in general. You’re better off going to the local deli or supermarket and ordering some Boar’s Head or another good product and making your own sandwich.

Subway meats, cheeses and veggies are practically "fake" with all the additives they put in their products.

I don’t eat any type of fast food unless I’m in a situation where there is nothing else to eat. That’s very rare for me, and even then, I’d order a grilled chicken breast or potato.

Nate and jd, you’re right on the money. Lunch meats have a preservative that is a known carcinogen when combined with stomach acid. The quality in general is very bad.

Also, avoid mayo like the plaugue, it's full of trans fats which you need like a hole in the head.

The best rule you can follow is don't eat anything in a package or that's been processed in any way shape or form. Of course I'm not talking about protein powders and MRP's because they are designed with health in mind.

What’s the big deal?

So, the dude lost weight by eatin Subway twice a day. I’m sure he’s much more healthy now than he was when he weighed ~350 lbs.

I’d much rather fat-asses eat at Subway twice a day then at Mcdonalds. Which do you think is more healtheir?

50g of protein per day? For certain a hard-training lifter wouldn’t eat a diet with that few grams of protein, but this guy wasn’t hard-training, and he certainly wasn’t lifting.

Subway doesn’t bother me. When McDonalds’s starts advertising that the extra large-sized double-quarter pounder with a pound of fried and a half-gallon of coke is a healthy meal, because the double quarter pounder has a piece of lettuce on it … then I’ll bitch. I got no probs with Subway, and I eat there occasionally.

Later. RyanB.

Leave me alone! I don’t care what you guy’s say. I am going to keep
walking and eating my sandwiches. THose girls in my commercial
really do like me.

First of all, remember that I said “light mayo”, not “mayo”. I get a single 4" stripe of light mayo, which is great for flavor and still low-fat. As for the lunch meats, Subway uses cuts of geuine meats, not processed “meat particulates” formed and shaped. It’s actual sheets of beef, turkey, or ham. And you can go to their website for the full nutritional information on fat and protein content, which are both fairly favorable. The whole point I’m making is that if done right, a double-club subway sandwhich isn’t such a bad occasional lunch, as opposed to nearly every other fast-food choice out there.

For a 6" superclub on wheat bread, here are the stats: 374 cals, 27g protein, 8g fat. I'm not sure about the carbs because they measure with a white bread as the default, and I get mine on wheat (still carbs, but lower GI). Adding light mayo is another 5g of fat, toalling 13. Not bad! If T-mag has taught you anything, it's "don't fear fat in each meal serving". I get less than a single serving of light mayo anyway.

I can not pass on this one, it is a pet peeve of mine.I agree with Jeff, but I don’t really think this is about subway or the quality of it’s products. I beleive that the American public is fed so much BS, it just is not funny.I mean people are so gullible (those that don’t read t-mag), that they will beleive anything you tell them about losing weight.Look at what the media does with T.V., Body by Jake, Or Bow flex commercials with this ripped looking guy, giving us the impression that if we use this thing we too can look like that.Even Chuck Norris is into it with his sled thing or whatever it is,‘just 15 minutes a day and get the body you want’. How about the grapefruit diet and the ‘no workout just take this pill diet’, or even take Chitosan,‘eat what you want,as much as you want and still lose weight with the amazing new fat blocker’,the list is endless.Even at the grocery store, I see people buying the low fat foods,Did you ever see the #s? I mean high carbs, low protein and no FAT, and they are paying big bucks for this junk! It’s no wonder so much of America is fat, think about it , people complaining of diabetes or Artherosclerosis constantly and no one in the media is saying it is caused mostly by highly refined wheat and its by products.And sitting on your butt day in and day out.

I for one am so sick of this BS,I go to other forums(sorry t-mag but yes it is true), and see what advice is given out to young guys just starting with the iron and I want to cringe. I do my part and direct them to this mag. in hopes that they will learn the right things to do the first time around. I think that if everyone on this forum directed at least one person to this site, it would be a much nicer place to live in. I don't know, what do you think? Thanks I am done with my ranting now. B