Subway: I'VE HAD IT!!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but if I see ONE MORE SUBWAY COMMERCIAL telling me that the way to a great body is to eat Subway Sandwiches and to follow that most buffed of T-Men, Jared (or whatever his name is), I will kill myself, via slow suffication, between the jaws of a Susan Sommer’s ThighMaster… (The Lion takes a deep breath and drinks a Grow! shake…)

You know what Jared’s diet actually consists of? One-a-half subs, a bag of baked frito lays and a diet coke. FOR THE WHOLE DAY. It adds up to something like 1100 calories. How healthy is that? Of course he lost weight. I’d like to see his friggin’ bloodwork, though. Subway’s basically attempting to starve people. Man, is our country ever backwards nutritionally.

Don’t forget that he walks to Subway(r). Anyways, I was gonna try a 6 week cycle of the foot long Meatball sub, anyone else had any success with this? My workout regimen will be 8X10 DB (deep breaths) 8X10 DEB (deep eye blinks). please critique.

Did you guys also notice that Jared is always wearing a loose fitting Hawaiian shirt, even on the beach? He can’t be all that buff looking. Still admirable that he lost that much weight. He could be doing it with much less pain if he dieted properly with low GI carbs and higher protein, but I think he is corraled into his current diet since he built a rep on it.

One of my friends who is getting a little fat, told me today that she was starting the subway diet. now shes asked me a hundred times if this or that was good to eat. or “What should i eat.” People dont want the truth. They wanna believe that they can still live a normal life and look good. It dont work that way. You gotta eat six times a day. You gotta eat a shit load of protein. Thats just the way it is. But people want the easy way out. A friend of mine used to have a saying when someone commented on his physique. Once we were away from everyone he would say, “thats why i eat a minimum of six times a day.” words to live by!

Excellently put, Goldberg!

Agree on Jareds starvation diet but I will eat a subway wrap/rollup or the like because for fast food its relatively clean. If only they would come out with a clean/high protein fast food chain.

Dre, you GOT it bro! Call it Testosterone…The Resturaunt. Do it in Black, blue, and Yellow. Have GROW shakes, Massive eating food selections, Fast Fat food selections, etc. You have DB on racks while you wait in line (for that quick set of curls) and as you check out, a built and buff T-vixen or T-dude (depending on your gender…gotta keep the T-vixens happy!) sprays you with andro or nandro. The side items also vary with the meals. For the fast fat selections you get a side order of T-2 and MD-6, for the Massive eating, a side of Tribex, and ZMA. You also get Ian King reviewing your workout plan while you wait in line, Berardi calculating the exact nutritional content of your selections (it is printed on your reciept) and Bill and Brock reviewing what supps are on your plate. Every evening, TC comes on stage to provide a comedy show…and of course…Patterson can’t help himself, he drags TC offstage after 30 minutes, and gushes for the next 2 hours about all the new Biotest supps coming up!! Now I would eat there EVERYDAY!!!