Westside Bands Cost?

I asked this a while ago and all i was told was expensive. with christmas coming up though i was thinking about asking for bands but i need to know approximately how much they are first. also, has anyone checked out Dave Tate’s new site. They have an online store but it isn’t up yet. i checked out the price list there though and was shocked that they dont even sell the bands. anyone know why they make them so hard to get? Thanks for the help, - Nic

I just got into Westside training and had the same thought. I also was looking at the full speed device as an alternative, but it looks inferior since it’s basically “all or nothing,” that is, you’re either totally lifting the extra weight or it’s sitting on the ground, there’s no inbetween tension. Chains aren’t very feasible for me, so any info about bands would be appreciated.

The company that sells the band is called jump stretch. I’m not sure if they are on the web, but if you call Dave Tate at Elite Fitness Systems or send him an email, I’m sure he could help you. I think i paid a little over 100$ for thre diferent pairs of light medium and heavy tension.

Here’s the link you want

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Thanks midnight. That is exactly what i was looking for. does anyone know what strength bands i would use with a max bench of 285 w/o powerlifting suit?

also, what about the base that they sell. would dumbbells work just as well. i just reread dave tates article about accomodating resistance and it never mentioned a base. if i am not going to be doing bench in a power rack would it work just as well to get the base and attach the bands there? Thanks - Nic

Louie Simmons says, “There are three bands with different strengths: pink is the least strong, for 300 pound benchers and below; green for 300-450 pound benchers; and blue for 500 pound benchers and above (shirtless max).”

Here’s the link to the article http://deepsquatter.com/strength/archives/louie/ls15.htm

Also if you haven’t read it, Dave Tate’s article right here on T. is a must Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

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