Weird Marko tries to be strong

AGE: 30 (1993)
HEIGHT: 178cm/5′ 10″
WEIGHT: 88kg/195lbs

High bar Squat: 155kg/342lbs, 6x140kg/309lbs, 11x120kg/265lbs
Benchpress: 105kg/231lbs, 5x90kg/198lbs
Military press: 70kg/154lbs
Pull Ups: +37,5kg/83lbs
Dips: +47,5kg/105lbs

GOAL’S FOR 2024:
High bar squat: 180kg/397lbs (ATG)
Benchpress: 120kg/265lbs (Pause)
Pull ups: +45kg/99lbs (Chin to bar)

… and sorry for my english.

No worries brother, you are doing great!

One thing, weird is ei not ie - it’s an exception that is one of the quirks of English and a very common mistake.

Get swole!