Weight and See

Sup kiddies. I was weighed in a the doc’s office today, and I’m a whopping 164.8 lbs. Thing is, over the past months I’ve gotten bigger, stronger, and (this is probably the key) leaner than ever. I also stand a towering 5’6 1/2 (actually I enjoy my low center of gravity making me ideal for grappling). Now theoretically, I am a mere 14.8 pounds away from the infamous 150 pound weakling status. I’ve been asked if I’m on roids several times. I don’t “look” 160, and yet the scale doesen’t lie. Have thee a point, oh wise yet curiously unstable Monkeyboy? Indeed. I think sometimes we get caught up in bodyweight. Afterall, muscle is denser than fat. I am quite content at my 164.8 and mainly work on cutting while occasionally attempting to boost some chest and back thickness. I keep the same diet year round (6-7 meals a day swithcing of protein/carbs and protein/fat) and while I don’t really keep track I think I consume around 2,500-3,000 cals a day. I just wanted to remind everyone that we often get caught up in numbers, and yes, they are important, but mirros do not care about weight in numbers. Reaching 200 lbs. is damn cool, but what kind of 200 lbs. will it be? Lata.

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MB, I love the sensation of sinking to the bottom of the pool, don’t you?

Agree. Im 5’9 and 172 when last weighed. With a small frame and christmas tree low bf I get comments on my size (for my height of course) and the roid comments. Bodz talks about 7pounds/inch to proportion weight to height so with a small frame and low bf you would probably look more developed tham me. As far as this being ideal for grappling, longer levers and alot of bodyweight are actually ideal but yes the low center of gravity can be a factor, especially against your bigger but untrained friends :).

Sorry A girl, I’m on some serious pain killers after a surgical procedure today so I’m a lil bit “off”, can you elaborate on the “sinking” analogy? Thanks.

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MB, Guess it’s not just your muscles that are dense :slight_smile: Fat floats.

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Thank you A girl. Again, I’m drugged up…and vulnerable, oh so vulnerable…

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S’okay MB, get some sleep. I agree with you totally. You need to write an article for some women’s magazines, so those chicks will get a clue. Nite.

I must be terrible at math cause i did the 7pounds per inch thing and it came out to me weighing 504 pounds. what the hell am i doing wrong?

Goldberg, maybe it’s not your math. Consider if you will a small town in which the gravitational pull is slightly higher than 3x that of normal Earth. A fluke, perhaps? Perhaps not. Unbeknownst to anyone living in this peaceful haven, it is not a book to be judged by it’s cover. You can step into this little town and find houses, businesses and children playing in the streets. You have also just stepped into the Tweightlight Zone.

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The 7#/in thing is based on a reference point of 5’10"@180lbm. For every inch deviation add/subtract 7 pounds.