Warrior Diet

Has any of you guys tried the Warrior Diet? If so, what were your results? I was thinking of trying it out, but wasn’t sure how effective it was. Sounds pretty good-especially if you have an extremely busy schedule like mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Been going just 2 days, but i’d have to say i like it. I thought i’d be completely disfunctional without eating during the day, but i wans’t hungry at all - even come meal time. I was REALLY pumped and motivated during my workout(6pm), probably coz i was looking forward to the feast that lay ahead. During the day, i just have green-tea, coffee, guggulbolic and glutamine. Good luck - i’ll post my results after a couple of weeks.

Didn’t work too great for me. No matter how long I stuck with it, my hunger never went away during the day time. Lost some weight, then stopped. Feeling full at night didn’t sit well with me, made it hard to study at night! I did like the fact that I didn’t have to worry about eating all day though…made things easier (except for the hunger). I think the ‘revised’ version of the diet may work better for me…may give it a try after this ‘fat fast’.

The warrior diet is one of the worst diets there is. It is a sure fire way to lose muscle and gain fat.