Want a Lean and Toned Physique

Hi! This is my first time to post here, since I have only known about your site for just a month now and have seen very impressive articles and feedback. (I feel kinda silly not knowing about your site previously) The reason I am writing is that I would like to know a weight training that could get me the body and physical resilience that I want. I’m 28 about 150 lbs and around 5’9 in height.
I hate doing aerobic work and I would like a program that will fit in my very packed time sked. I work 6 days a week with Saturdays on half-day. The only time I can work out is every morning before I go to work which is about 45 mins or so. The only equipment I have is a pair of 15 lb dumbbells, a rowing machine and a treadmill. I’ve been working out on and off for the last 2 years and seem to overtrain sometimes (getting ill abt a few times too bec of that) I want to get over this and finally be buff and healthy but I don’t know how. (the only knowledge I have on weight training principles are from those that I read from fitness magazines) Any help from you guys will be most appreciated.

Ok I’ll pretend this is a real post, it seems to be like the antipost we all dread. I’m 150 I want to be ripped, I workout at home with only 15lb dumbells and the advice I get from fitness magazines. Wow! I would expect you never to reach any goals with that kind of program. My advice would be hire a good trainer to teach you to do the core lifts correctly. Make sure your trainer is not affa or ace certified or else you will be doing kickbacks and legextenstions. Go to the gym, few people can suceed at training at home, especially newbies. Start eating 5to6 meals a day balanced, protein carbs and healthy fats, +a postworkout shake. Remember you will look like nothing ripped if your only 150lbs. Pack on some lean muscle then diet!

See that previous issues button over to the left? Click that sucker and start reading. I’d suggest you start with Shugart’s “Dawg School” columns. He wrote a whole newbie program a while back. God, I hope your dumbbells aren’t covered in pink foam.

My advice is this, if you are serious about making this happen then it will, if not then it won’t. First of all read “Merry Christmas, Bob” by Chris Shugart in issue 136 I think it is. It’ll give you an idea of most of our mentality and will either scare you off or get you serious about the question you just asked. Next you need to pour through the information in this site, I rarely post questions here because between this forum and the back issues of this site there is nothing that can’t be answered. You’ll have to join a gym, is there one near your location? I know what you mean about time. I do full time IT work configuring Cisco routers and take classes full time as well, but if you’ll read Chris’s article you’ll understand what has to happen for you to get buff.

LOL…this has GOT to be one of those jokers posting something for a kick! Think about it, if he/she is reading fitness mags, has known about this site for a month, etc. there’s no way in HELL that he/she hasn’t picked up enough advice to know that 15 pound dumbbells and a rowing machine won’t do crap! How in the hell can you be overtraining on a pair of 15 pound dumbbels and be only 28 years old? I’m sorry, if this is a sincere post (doubt it) then follow the advice below posted by Paul and Tapper (or better yet, go to the newsstand and pick up EAS’s ‘Total Training Guide’…hehehee, snicker snicker)

I think some of the T-Mag staff are f-ing with us. This cannot be a real post. I have seen alot of similar one’s lately. Probably is Shugart.

It’s not me, JRR! I promise!

I believe its real. People are very ignorant(not to say Mike is). I have chiropractor and PT associates who have never heard of Medx, Arthur Jones, or such.

Mark Baldwin