It may be just me but I thought that Vinpocetine was a prescript drug in the US. I’m I wrong about this?

ems: vinpocetine used to be a prescription
drug in the US. A couple of years ago the
bureau-rats classified it as a “supplement.”

That’s awesome. Do I have to talk to someone at the pharmacy to get some by it self or do I have to get it online.

I just ordered some the other day from the place mentioned in that other post about it. 200 X 5mg for $40 plus $9 shipping and they gave me another kit free, so 400 tabs should last forever.

I just got some at Costco 5 mg in a mixture with Ginko, 250 caps for about 13 bucks,Im not sure of the quality but I just thought I would try it.

Have any of you notice any effects from vinpocetine and has it help with your lifts?

Mine arrived today, and i took one maybe 2 hours ago. the package says best results will be noted after 4 weeks of continuous use, but a short while after taking it i did notice a power drive type “up” feeling. i havent lifted yet because i was cramming in the last of my school work for the semester, but im sure it would help. maybe ill mix some with power drive later and see how they work together. the only problem may be that vinpocetine and ginkgo together will result in too much vasodilatation giving me a headache, but we shall see.