Update: Got to 200lbs with 5/3/1, time to cut

Alright so its about time I posted a Log on here to make sure I keep motivated and stay on track. Been working out serious for about 2 years, and right now trying to just get more respectable strength #s and put on some more size this winter. Last winter got up to over 195lbs after starting a year and a half before at 165. Did the V-Diet last spring and dropped down to 165 again(also lost a lot of strength ive been trying to get back) and this winter I want to try and get up to around 200 and see where to go from there.

Lifts are what I really want to bring up, I know I have a lot more potential. On almost all these #'s I have dropped weight simply to make sure my form is perfect before I start going heavier. I squatted 285x6 but was a little sloppy, just over parallel and my overheads were not as deep as they should have been.

Here are my current #'s
Weight and height: 180lbs @ 5 11
Squats: 280x1 full ROM
Deadlift: 330x1
Bench: 220x1 = biggest issue
Overhead Press: 143x1

like I said my bench sucks right now, I just started Bill Starrs 5x5 last week and so far so good. Ill post up the workout tomorrow with some more info, right now I’m passing out

Official weight this morning was 182, here is my workout for tomorrow.

Squat 5 x 114, 143, 172, 172

overhead press 5 x 74, 88, 100, 120

Deadlift 5 x 170, 204, 238, 272

2 sets ab roller

the program starts you a few weeks back so I wont hit my starting maxes till week 4, and i round all the #s to the closed weight possible

Good luck. Are you gaining weight at all costs or doing it cleanly? I’m in the same boat as far as bw goes. I’ve put on 16lbs in the past few weeks. Keep it up.

I keep it 90-95% clean weekdays then on the weekends when im out its hard to keep it up when i know im trying to gain weight anyways. I learned from bulking last year, so im trying to change a few things, definitely eat cleaner but also I am trying to throw in some cardio, maybe a few 20 min sprint sessions or something but its hard when you squat 3x a week. Any other ideas that wouldn’t wreck my legs anymore would be appreciated

Todays workout

Squats - 5x115, 145, 175, 205,

Bench - 5x95, 115, 140, 165

Rows - 5x80, 100, 120, 140

Dips - 8xbody, 8x25, 10x40
BB Curls - 8x55, 8x65, 8x75
Tri extensions - 8x75, 8x85, 7x100

Don’t want to rush or cut corners but can wait till week 4 so I can start pushing myself

[quote]irv2424 wrote:

Here are my current #'s
Weight and height: 180lbs @ 5 11
Squats: 270x2 full ROM
Deadlift: 275x7, 330x1
Bench: 225x1 = biggest issue
Overhead Press: 130x5


In term of balance your squat and deadlift are a little bit weak.
But If I put my pec-curl king glasses on yeah BRING YOUR BENCH UP

[quote]jasmincar wrote:
irv2424 wrote:

Here are my current #'s
Weight and height: 180lbs @ 5 11
Squats: 270x2 full ROM
Deadlift: 275x7, 330x1
Bench: 225x1 = biggest issue
Overhead Press: 130x5

In term of balance your squat and deadlift are a little bit weak.
But If I put my pec-curl king glasses on yeah BRING YOUR BENCH UP


My squat was a lot higher (285x6) but i was only going to a little over parallel and wanted to fix that now so I dropped a lot of weight, now going much deeper. The main issue seems to be because my hams and glutes are not used to the weight so I now have to bring them up.

My DL #s are steadily moving up and I see this being the last movement I stall out on, hoping to get this close to 405 before early spring

Bench sucks, hopefully this program can change that. Even though when I first started lifting 135 was a challenge haha

If I dont stall out at all my week 9 numbers should be close to the following

Squats - 315 1RM
Bench - 250 1RM
Dead - 370 1 RM
Rows - 210 1RM

I have read people seeing progressive gains on this program for 12 weeks or over too so hopefully I can do the same as long as I keep up with my diet

Todays workout without listing the ramped #s

Squat 1x5 240
Bench 1x5 190
Rows 1x5 160

Accessory work

2 sets hypers - 35x12, 45x12
4 sets sit-ups

My actual maxes will come next monday, with the 240 on squats today I got it but struggled a bit on my last rep. Next week I will be fine, I just hope I dont stall out right away on week 5 with squats I would be pissed. I seem to be having a hard time with it since like ive said a few times I never squated nearly this deep.
Bench is finally starting to get harder but I could have done a few more reps, and Rows were too easy, most likely due to the fact that before this workout I have never done a heavy row in my life.

Todays #s

Squat - 120, 150, 180, 180

Shoulder Press - 75, 90, 110, 125

DL - 180, 215, 250, 285

Situps - 3 sets

Squats were harder than the last few weeks on wed, still beat up from monday, cant wait for friday


That’s a great program, stick to it. 225 bench ain’t bad. Good luck!

Hey man keep it up, and our numbers are pretty similar.

I am just starting Madcow’s 5x5 too.

Ive never had a program where I couldn’t wait to get to the gym to beat my #s again, 5x5 rocks. This week went well, cant wait for monday to start making new PR’s. Im already feeling stronger and I have really got my form down the last few weeks, especially Squats and Bench. Elano 225 isn’t bad compared to how I couldn’t even put up 135 a few years back but its still way under what I think I am capable of, this seems to be the program that can get me there.

Todays final set #s
Squat - 245
Bench - 195
Row - 165

Dips - 45x8
BB Curls - 80x6
Tri Extensions - 100x8

Cant wait to get my bench up, squats are hard as shit but im glad im finally going down past parallel, my buddy and I are one of a very few who squat at our gym, and we are the only ones who do more that quarter squats

Hey are you using the spreadsheet to keep up with your numbers???

Yeah man the spreadsheet is awesome, any program ive done in the last year I will make one if there isnt already one out there. Its cool to see where your progress should be at a certain week if you stay on track

yeah that is the easy part
(filling in the spreadsheet)

[quote]slippery_banana wrote:
yeah that is the easy part
(filling in the spreadsheet)[/quote]

True, starting this week Im assuming the workouts will get a lot more intense. What week are you on?

Week number two I found that really concentrating on the movment and the muscle will make you work alot harder even thought he weight is lighter.

So yesterday was the start of week 4

Squats - 245x5
Hard as shit, got all 5 but didnt have anything left for another rep, but I think its because I have been going lower since week 1 as I get more used to going below parallel

Bench - 195x5, could have got another rep or 2

Rows- 165x5, finally becoming a challenge

I shouldnt have a problem with DL or Military on Wed, ill post after

Hey IRV, am I mistaken or are you not ramping the weights like me??? Just wondering.

yeah im ramping just like the spreadsheet says to do at 12.5% jumps

Weight this morning was 184, movin on up