Unlearned = Learned More

I’ve unlearned everything traditional, now what have I learned to move forward to getting jacked, stacked, plump muscles.

Super high reps very much work.

I can train the same muscles daily and they grow, the key here is not doing set after set, but only 1-2sets.

I prefer just to train a different exercise of the same body-part the next day or daily.

Eating, high protein is overrated and probably holding back size gains, this is of course if your training most of the body daily.

I will begin logging again here in the next week.

I’ve made some changes, only because I learned they work and know they can be used again, when needed.

I’m not doing super-high rep squats every week now, instead I’m doing a different leg movement about every other day-

Walking lunges, holding a pair of hammer bars.
Weighted wall sits, holding weights (you know where I got that one from).
Goblet squats, holding a hammer bar (you can load well over 200 here).
Heavy plate RDLs non-stop reps, never locking out (best glute/ham movement ever).

A shoulder exercise about every other day-
one-press with hammer bar, from the side of shoulder/back of the shoulder.
super-wide grip standing incline (against the wall leaning against a ladder, lol) barbell presses.
Still doing higher rep floor presses, great arm juicer.

arms everyday - curls day 1, skull crushers day 2

A back exercise about every other day-
Heavy plate BOR
KROC rows with hammer bar
Behind the back dead lift
Behind the back shrugs
one-arm upright rows (oh yeah)
Heavy loading pin dead lift (stack 100’s on a loading pin and lift for reps).

That’s the meat and potatoes, logging starts in a week!


Got the Colonoscopy yesterday, it wears you out but it’s good to get it out of the way. I trained up until Thursday. Friday and Saturday I ate anything and everything, it was important to eat my last meal as late as possible on Saturday night, which was around midnight, I had a pound of cod, potatoes and ice cream. I was also surprised to learn with SUTAB you can eat eggs and white bread the morning before the procedure, so I did that too. Then I drank chicken broth the rest of the day.

Back to lifting today, Tuesday 12/12/23-

Floor press-
170 x 15

Barbell curls-
108 x 14

Dumbbell front raises-
12# + handle x 20ea. x20ea.

This was a new strength base to go by, since that procedure wipes you out for a couple days. System seems back to normal now.


Tuesday 12/13/23

Ladder/wall standing incline wide grip barbell press-
What is this you think, this is my invention because I don’t have a bench, I wear a loose belt, continental clean the weight, lean back on a ladder I have against the wall, while standing and press, I have two boards against the ladder, the ladder is so the weights don’t hit the wall. Totally blasts the shoulders wide grip.
111 x 14

Skull crushers-
98 x 15

Gobblet squats hammer bar-
105 + bar x 10
105 +bar x 16

2.5" dumbbell wrist curls (15ish# handle)-
22# + handle x 31 ea.
27# +handle x 11 ea.


Thursday 12/15/23

Floor Press (Glute raised)-
220 x 3

Weight wall sits, holding barbell underneath me-
DOH - 186 x 1-minute

Barbell curls-
77 x 40

Guys, check out 11:30 of this, this is almost exactly how I do these wall/ladder presses, only I gotta clean it , Leviathan Lift-

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100# BOR-
100 x 20
155 x 12

Saturday Gym
BW 190

HEAVY dips (first time doing any dips since my twenties)-
60 x 3
70 x 1

Farmers Deadlift-
480 x 1
510 x 4

Dumbbell flyes-
60’s x 5

Sunday 12/17/23
Floor press-
134 x 38

Barbell curls-
109 x 15


Been so busy, no time to keep up logs.

I’m trying to remember everything.

Monday 12/18/23

One arm press hammer bar-
42+bar x 14 right, x13 left, x1 right, x2 left

Skull crushers-
72 x 47

walking lunges-
44+bars (hammer bars) just trying work the kinks out of my back from farmers deads.

Tuesday - no lifting, had to go into the office and attend meetings and go to a dinner. Drove me friking bonkers. If I had to do that everyday… frik that pinhead pencilneck BS.

Wednesday 12/20/23
feeling wrecked from having to sit in offices all friking day.

Early afternoon -
wall/ladder presses-
112 x 10, 118 x 6

One arm KROC rows hammer bar-
72.5+bar x 10ea. (been nursing some tennis elbow, this something that still makes it sting).

Heavy plate RDLs (just to work out back kinks)-
100 x 20
125 x 20
160 x 20 (I can usually do 50 of these, but I’m getting my lower back strength back).

Thursday 12/22/23
Floor press, raised glutes-
200 x 7
225 x 2

BArbell curls-
97 x 23 (all time best)

More walking lunges-

One arm dumbell front raises-
12+handle x 21ea. x21ea.

2.5"dumbbell handle wrist curls-
27.5 x 22ea. (took it easy here).

The only I don’t like here is the song-

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Last workout was Saturday and I was still feeling the kinked lower back, nothing unusual so kept is light and easy.

Skull crushers-
65 x 55

One arm side laterals-
12+ bar x 25ea x 25ea.

Felt great right after, pumped and jacked in the arms.

Couple hours later my back felt worse and seemed to be intensified in new areas, I felt this the day before too but not badly.

Didn’t sleep well.

Sunday Xmas eve was hell, sitting in chairs etc. thought I was gonna pass out from pain and wasn’t hungry from the pain. The pain was like my entire middle back, out to both sides.

Didn’t sleep well again.

Monday I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon and just did some light behind the back shrugs, I again felted worse about an hour later.

Now I know I have to stop training for a few days period. And only just do light and low reps until I heel.

I’m feeling better now, but I’m not going to begin back yet. I finally got an appetite back. I have no shooting pain into the legs.

Well, I’m very sure the farmers dead x 4 did this including me doing more back stuff days after.

Is it worth this to be playing around dead lifting anymore? I’m thinking no because I’m never going to be a powerlifter but i think there are benefits. I should only do 1-rep and call it a day and avoid pushing it on deads period. I think I’m getting size doing other things.
This was a farmers dead, had I done conventional I’d be way more hurt than I am now. Had I only done 1rep I’d of been fine. On rep 4 is when I felt the sting in the glute, which that has always been a normal thing for me, but we change after age 40, shit don’t work the same way anymore.

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Let’s say I would have farmers dead lifted 500x 1 every week for 2-months.

I’d of gotten more work in than this measly 510x4 that broke me down and took me out of the game.

Let’s say I could even of done 2-sets of 1 in some of those weeks.

Cause it’s going to be over a month before I’m back and ready to lift that again. I’m thinking.

The mindset has to be, don’t break it down, stimulate it. At those poundage’s 1 rep is stimulating. Stimulation is growth, breaking down means you gotta repair. Why spending time repairing when you can continue stimulating.

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3-full days of constant stretching trying to loosen up this back pain.

I then finally decided to hit some plate RDLs with the 100# plate.

Man, that is doing a damn fine job. Just low easy reps and getting a good stretch on it rounded back style.

Woke today and only needed a 15 minute stretch whereas I needed a 4 hour stretch before I could even sit in a chair this entire week.


Almost back…

Monday 1/1/24
Squats - 72 x 50

Had to do some high rep light squats to keep mid-section good, it was just enough. Lots of eating I’ve had to due with leftovers. I was not hungry when I was hurting.

wall/ladder standing incline wide press-
72 x 10
87 x 10
113 x 11

Tuesday 1/2/24

Heavy plate RDL-
100 x 10
150 x10
175 x 20

Barbell skull crushers-
102 x 13

Bent over rear delt laterals, split leg-
15’s x 32
15’s x 32

2.5" dumbell wrist curls-
27.5 x 26ea.


Wednesday 1/3/24

Floor press-
134 x 40

Weighted Wall Sit, holding barbell-
192 x 35sec
192 x 35sec

Barbell curls-
115 x 5 stricter than normal.

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Thursday 1/4/24

One arm overhead press with hammer bar, palm facing side-
45+bar x 7 ea.

Behind the back shrugs with hammer bar-
130.5 + bar x 28, 10

Front raises-
12#+handle x 25ea. x25ea.

Heavy plate RDLs-
160 x 30
185 x 5 (with shrug)

Scott is a horse-

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Barbell curls-
116 x 6 (still kinda stricty)

Saturday 1/6/24

GYM BW 194 (alright, gaining)

Weighted Dips-
45 x 3
70 x 1
80 x 1
85 x 1
90 x 1

Messed around with elevated behind the back deads-
IDK yet, the raised height seems to hit my hams, then I have to adjust to get the bar past the horse sized azz. I’m still going to try them again. My back was in no condition to do any heavy dead lift variation, so I pulled out after 365 x 1. I also used straps for the first time EVER, that was something else to get used to.

Heavy dumbell flys-
70’s x 5

Ran out of time. Ate a few fig bars there, the goal is to kill a full box of fig bars during the gym workouts. You know who I learned that from, right?

one arm side laterals-
12#+bar x26ea. x26ea.

Sunday 1/7/24

Heavy plate BORs-
paused contraction every rep-
100 x 10
125 x 10
175 x 2

Barbell skull crushers-
65 x 56

65 x 75


Monday 1/8/24

One arm press with hammer bar, palm facing out-
50+bar x 2ea.
55+bar x 2ea.

Closed COC#2 gripper right hand (1st time in 19-years), The grippers are what healed up my tennis elbow, that is why I dusted them off.
Not quite on the left, about 1/16" or under.

Shrugs using the loading pin and T handle-
244 x 16

Barbell curls-
65 x 51

Grippers, I only closed the #2 1 or 2 times about 18-19 years ago, both of those closes were luck, as there were no setting the gripper. I hated grippers and stopped training them. I started using a set by using my free thumb to make sure the handle was dug into my hand and wouldn’t move, now I actually like these grippers. I closed it in about 3-weeks trying a set and about 6-7 attempts in those 3-weeks. I’ve never been able to 1/16" with my left ever until now.

I got a good squeeze on an HG250 too tonight (similar to a COC 2.5).


Tuesday 1/9/24

Floor press-
152 x 25

Gobblet Squats with hammer bar-
105+bar x 18

Bent over dumbell laterals front-
15’s x 33
15’s x 33

I did some back rebuilding by light dead lifting with light weight keep a totally flat back and only going right past the knees, then back to the front, resetting and doing another rep. This is something I’m trying, why do I need to lockout light weight anyway, there’s no point, what I need is my back worked in the flat back here. This is just another variation to hit my back in as many possible ways-
152 x few
170 x few
220 x few


Wednesday 1/10/24

Ladder/wall incline wide grip presses-
114 x 10
119 x 7

barbell calf raises on plate- 119 x 30

Heavy plate RDLs-
100 x 10
150 x 11
200 x 11 (with shrugs)

Walking Lunges holding hammer bars-
50+bar x few
60+bar x few

Thursday 1/11/24

One arm press with hammer bar, palm facing in-
46+bar x 7ea.
partial push ups-
x20 wide grip, no rest, x20 shoulder width, no rest, x20 close grip

Great shoulder finisher.

behind the back shrugs regular bar-
140 x 30

flat back deads pulled to just above knees-
240 x few

I played with gripping there, mixed grip is rough on the back. Hookgrip DOH worked well, looks I’m going back to hookgrip unless I get a pair of straps.

Skull crushers-
98 x 16

2.5" dumbell wrist curls-
27.5+bar x 20ea. , 32.5+bar x 12ea.

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Barbell curls-
117 x 7

Saturday 1/13/24

Floor press-
230 x 2 x 2

one arm front raises-
12#+handle x 26ea. x26ea.

Food break

Deadlift flat back pulls just above knees and hold for few seconds-
264 x few

Behind the back shrugs-
150 x 30

Sunday 1/14/24

One arm press with hammer bar, palm facing out-
20+bar x 10ea.
30+bar x 10ea.
40+bar x 10ea.
50+bar x 8ea.

Heavy plate BORs-
100 x 10
130 x 10
177.5 x 3

Heavy plate RDLs rounded back-
177.5 x 10
210 x 5 (with shrugs)

Shoulders are getting bigger each day, they are the key to filling out the shirt as that’s what widens and raises the shirt to also expose the arms. Bigger shoulders also are the support for bigger arms.

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Monday 1/15/24

Floor press-
135 x 36

Conventional Deadlift-
280 x 2 flat back to knees and hold
290 x 1 to knees, no hold

77 x 51

Barbell curls-
61.5 x 62

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Just curious, what’s the logic here? As I read through I think I’m missing your purpose for this approach? Is it to reduce DOMS, stay motivated and in the game or keep it fun and exciting?

Sorry if stupid question, been following along, but don’t get it :frowning: