Unlearned = Learned More

Purpose is getting “Thick As Frick” horsecock, bulborous, rotund MASS!

Albino knows the deal!

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Tuesday 1/16/24

One arm press with hammer bar, palm at the side-
60+bar x 1ea.
Went for a big press here, it was tough, but gotta get used to bigger and bigger poundages. I did singles working up to that, 50+bar felt much easier than usual.

Heavy plate RDLs-
150 x 10
175 x 30

Shrugs using the loading pin and T handle (I miss logged my weight last time, it was only 222# last time, so I did sets here working up to 250)-
200 x 11
225 x11
Ate a bagel
250 x10

To get BIG, THICK, PLUMP, ROTUND, you can do almost any type of lifting philosophy you set your mind on, the two key things you need to do are increase reps and weight and EAT. I have limited equipment, so I get by with what I have, hence I had to unlearn everything traditional.
The shoulders though are still key to bodybuilding MASS, the shoulders are the peak, they widen and raise your clothes, so I try to do a shoulder movement daily, and its working.

If you train you biceps and triceps traps and back more than shoulders the shirt will not fill out, The back of the shoulders are what makes a peak sized back, the sides of the shoulders are what makes peak sized arms, the front of the shoulders adds peak to the pecs popping out.


Wednesday 1/17/24

Started off with behind the back deads full ROM. Haven’t done these for months and I hit 400x1 back then.

Today is just to warmup really and build up. I also decided to superset a gobblet squat with it-

Also this is the first time doing hookgrip with these and I like it-

120 x few with shrug
220 x few with shrug x 1 without a shrug
270 x 1
340 x 1
340 x 1 / gobblet squat with hammer bar 123+ bar x 5

Barbell skull crushers-
103 x 13

Dumbbell side lateral-
12#+handle x 27ea. x27ea.

I changed my form a tad on the behind the back deads I used to squat the weight up, I tried just bends the knees a tad and getting more tension and they flew up. I was about to load 370 but remembered that I don’t want to break myself down, the goal is to build up. So I just did another single with 340. I will do them again soon to keep building.

This is not a lift to use a flat back on because the weight is behind you it does not stress the low back the same way as conventional deads.

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Thursday 1/18/24

Ladder/wall standing incline wide grip presses-
112 x 14

Conventional dead lifts pulled to just above knees hookgrip-
220 x few
270 x few hold at knees flat back
290 x 2
300 x 1

Deads everyday!!!

97 x 50

I’ve been eating bagels everyday this week while lifting, this is one reason why I brought the 50 rep squat back, brahs, the bagels are keeping the muscles packed while doing these squats and training for like an hour (I also get interupted between sets with work, family etc. Look if you want MASS you need to be packing in these high carb calories while lifting and I eat Daves killer bagels which is loaded with whole grains, like a horse would eat, ya feel me?
Anyway the 50 reppers keep the cardio and gut in check too, we don’t want the strongman gut thing here, we want bodybuilding MASS!!! Right now the 50 reppers are pretty easy too, they get the legs and heart pumping though, just building up.



Barbell curls-
118 x 8

Heavy plate RDLs
100 x 10
150 x 10
200 x few
225 x 10

Saturday 1/20/24

Floor press-
153 x 26

Behind the back deads hookgrip
220 x 1
270 x 1
320 x 1
350 x 1
370 x 1

Super wide grip barbell curls-
Empty bar 45# x 40

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Sunday 1/21/24

One arm presses with hammer bar, palms facing out-
20+bar x 15ea.
42+bar x 10ea.
47+bar x 10ea.
57+bar x 1ea.
Whooo that was some nice shoulder work, they are blasted right now!!!

Heavy plate BORs-


1984, almost a decade after this composition was born, this is it’s most heaviest, during this time the only dudes playing solos like this were the up and coming metal guitarists. This is a damn good solo, and for the time, it was a new different guitar (strat) with a new custom sound. It also mixes a Reggae sorta beat in the lyrics, man how unique. See the levels one can achieve being drug-free-

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Monday 1/22/24

Partial pushups TUT-
wide grip x 22, no rest, shoulder width x 22, close x22

Conventional Deads hookgrip, pulled to knees flat back-
220 x hold
270 x hold
290 x hold
300 x 1
310 x 1

Barbell skull crushers-
72 x 48

72 x 76

Bent over laterals-
15’s 2x34

Deads everyday, switching flat back to round RDL, to behind the back = working all the different areas out!

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Tuesday 1/23/24

Floor press-
235 x 1
201 x 7

Stopped at the local sports store, haven’t been there in over a decade. I got a used ab wheel (just to try it, it was only 4 bucks) and a 11# plate (now I have an even 4 of them).

Tried the ab wheel standing, got about halfway out for 2, worked my lower back out more than anything. My old training partner is 250 little on the chunky side and can do a full standing roll out, just one. He can also do pistol squat, which I can’t do. I will keep working on the ab wheel, as I’ve never seen anyone other than skinny fitness people doing them, so would be good for a big, boulberous rotund person to work on.

Behind the back shrugs-
160 x 30

Heavy plate RDLs-
235 x 3 (just taking it easy).

Barbell super wide grip curls-
50 x 45nonstop
Barbell regular curls-
89 x 4
109 x 2
119 x 2 (stricter than normal, but not strict).

I still ain’t got no straps, the store was out of them. I’m fine with hookgrip for now.


Wednesday 1/24/24

My abs got pretty sore today, from the ab wheel.

Played around with doing upright rows with the hammer bar, but only pulling to the nipples. I think I’m gonna continue these. I did Kroc rows today, so I had enough pulling. First time doing Kroc rows in awhile and no elbow pain.

Kroc Rows with hammer bar-
72 x 12ea.

CoC#2 close x 3reps Right hand. PR!
I still haven’t closed it left.

Weighted wall sits-
192 x 45sec.
That’s a serious fricking exercise!

Front laterals-
15+handle x27ea. x27ea.


Thursday 1/25/24

One arm press hammer bar-
Palm facing side-
43.5 x 11ea.

Barbell curls-
78 x 40

Conventional deads flat back to knees, no pauses-
220 x 2
270 x 1
290 x 1
310 x 1
320 x 1

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Saturday 1/27/24

GYM! BW 196

Weighted dips-
90x1 deeper than last time and it felt it, wiped me out.
95x1 slight assist

Elevated zerchers and behind the back deads-
Height is mid shins
Zercher - 235x1
Behind the back deads - 405x1 hookgrip

405 flew up, I got the form down on these elevated so the bar was not getting stuck against my hamstrings. I woulda done little more but running out of time.

Heavy flyes-
75s x 1

Only ate a half a box of fig bars during workout, but I did eat PB bagel, banana, garlic and honey before the gym.

I like these elevated behind the back deads, only problem is I can’t make it back to the gym often. I think I will do these with plates stacked at home to elevate it, maybe……

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Sunday 1/28/24

Guys, Sunday may be this kinda day moving forward, wake up, EAT, Train 1-exersice, EAT, house chores, repeat all day long…

Floor Press-
115 x 61


Heavy Plate RDLs-
100 x 15
150 x 15
200 x 15
240 x 11


Upright rows with hammer bar (pulled to nipples)-
50+bar x 10
72+bar x 10
82+bar x 10

Stopped chores due to the Football championship games
EAT some more.

That is a schedule to guaranteed growing, golden tip!!!

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Monday 1/29/24

Barbell skull crushers-
82 x 33 (smashing PR)

Barbell Curls-
120 x 3 (1 of those reps was stricter).

Conventional Deads hookgrip, pulled to knees, no pause-
220 x3
270 x2
320 x1
330 x1
340 x1

Alright, I’m feeling good, I know it ain’t much but I’m hitting back about daily. Not locking it out is saving me along with doing a different variation. There was a time I was dead lifting heavy every week about 5 years ago, I was hitting 420-475 for a single or two and I would start feeling the pain around 320 sometimes 270 as the weeks added up. Lets see if I can demolish my old ways. I also wonder if the mixed grip was EFFing me up too, this hookgrip rocks!

Dumbbell side laterals-
12#+ handle x28ea. x28ea.


Tuesday 1/30/24

Not much time today.

Wall/Ladder standing incline wide grip presses-
115 x 12, 120 x 8 (stronger then ever).


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Wednesday 1/31/24

Heavy Plate BORs-

Behind the back deads full ROM hookgrip-
220 x2
270 x2
320 x2
380 x1

Barbell super wide curls-
45#bar x 60

Bent over laterals-
15’s x35
15’s x35

2.5" dumbbell wrist curls-
22+handle x32ea.
27.5+handle x20ea.

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Thursday 2/1/24

One arm press with hammer bar, palm out-
20+bar x10ea.
40+bar x11ea.
50+bar x1ea.
60+bar x2right (strict, PR)
x1 left x2left (not strict)

Heavy plate RDLs-
WHOOOOO!!! 250 not heavy, right, try them, lift the plate between the legs, round back, stiff leg, will build a horse size bottom.

Shrugs with loading pin and T handle-

Calf raises with bar on shoulders-
110x50 toes on 100#plate.

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TUT pushups-
23 wide , 23 shoulder width, 23 close grip.

Saturday 2/3/24

Conventional haulted deads (to the knees) (I never saw someone else doing these, but I saw a guy named Buck on youtube doing these, he’s a 800# dead lifter)
220 x 3
290 x 2
330 x 1
350 x 1

EAT, chores

Barbell curls-
110 x 16 (PR)

EAT chores

Barbell skull crushers-
89 x 30 (PR).

Sunday 2/4/24

Floor press-
135 x 40 (PR)

EAT, chores

Heavy plate RDLs-
100 x 20
150 x 10
200 x 10
260 x 13 WHOOOO!
260 x 2

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Monday 2/5/24

HEavy plate BORs-
100 x20
125 x20
190 x6
Rocking Back!

Hammer bar curls (been months)
50+bar x30
52.5+bar x20

Calf raises-
115 x52

Dumbbell front raises-
13.5+ handle x28ea. x28ea.

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Tuesday 2/6/24

One arm presses hammer bar, palm at the sides-
20+bar x15ea.
31+bar x15ea.
41+bar x16ea.

Behind the back deads hookgrip-
10# away from my PR and it was EASY!!!

Barbell curls-

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Wednesday 2/7/24

Conventional halted deads to the knees hookgrip-

YES, this is way better than pushing reps. This is hitting the right areas, the glutes and upper back, my upper,upper lats are sore everyday from this daily pulling, like right where the lat connects to the rear shoulder. Once I get over 400 here, my shirt is gonna explode!!!

Walking lunges-
61+bars width of the driveway both ways without put down.

Barbell skull crushers-
104 x 14 (PR)

dumbell side laterals-
13.5+handle x28ea. x28ea.

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