university of hawaii

hey guys i was wondering if any of you had been to the university of hawaii. I am thinking about maybe playing football there or at michigan state. I live in michigan but was just wondering how worth it it would be to go to hawaii… any comments?

Michigan State is the big time. Go there. Or whoever gives you the most money.

Right on, brudda. I live on Oahu. For about 4 years now. Orginally from Minnesnowta. I do not follow the football team, but from what I have heard about Hawaii College ball is that they do not do to well. A lot of their big Samoan defence gets picked up by the mainland. Beautiful weather and the Aloha Stadium is an open stadium of course, like everything else. A beautiful state, and lots of Hawaiian pride! Here is a word of caution I learned from working out in the local gyms: If a guy ask if you are “pow” he isn’t suggesting a scrap between the two of you - he is asking if you are “finished”… so remain calm… :slight_smile:

Go to MSU. The big ten is a better football conference, with MSU being a pretty good school.

well i know msu is better football… buti hawaii is nice as hell! I’m trying to find a way to get a scholarship to u of h… otherwise im going to msu

Something else to consider is that it costs more to live in Hawaii than it does to live in Michigan. But ultimately what coaches do you like more? I know Hawaii has a good coach and they have won more games lately than they have been, but playing in front of 100,000 in Michigan Stadium would be awesome. Why are these your only two choices?

Hawaii IS expensive to live in. But as long as you live far away from Waikiki it is cheaper. And you get special discounts on food and stuff if you can prove residence, like a Hawaii drivers license. You can pick up a studio apartment for about 700 bucks a month, check online for availability and prices. But that is a good point. Cost of living is expensive. I once stopped at the local quicky mart for convienience, rather than making a trip to the grocery store, and paid 7 bucks for a gallon of milk! Everythnig is imported, except pineapple and stuff.