Uneven Bench Press But Just at the Bottom

I have been dealing with shoulder pain for bench pressing, I don’t have the knowledge and I don’t find it to solve my problem, My arms are even in the top but when I go downwards my left arm get stucked before my right so my right arm go more downwards than my left and that recreated pain in my left shoulder, I have the knowledge of the technique retracting in the bottom and slightly protrac in the press ( I retract both scapula in the bottom so is not the retraction) Idk if is tightness in my lats, Poor internal rotation, poor external rotation or whatever reason but the difference between two arms are obvious and is not just anatomy is a problem of somewhere but idk where, I hope some1 could help me to fix this:), this is who it’s likely look UNEVEN BENCH PRESS? Don't know what's causing it. PLEASE HELP - YouTube

Was going to provide help, but I couldn’t bear to sit there staring at your balls and short-shorts for the whole video.

Good news is you just need to give DB Bench some love and it’ll sort itself out.

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Is not me the man in the vid is just how happened to me, I can’t upload my videos because I’m new here, I think DB press is ok but how that improve my bench press in my case? Still being uneven in the descend,

Oh, well thanks for letting me stare at a different dude’s package while trying to describe your problem… makes it even more difficult to help you without being able to see you.

Less stability = more need to stabilize = more long-term stability. Meaning your left and right side can get stronger more independently of one another, and should let the the lagging side catch up.

I’m assuming by your join date that you’re relatively new to the gym? Give it time, your weaker side will catch up.

What muscle I should work for stabilized my left side? rhomboids lower traps? I have been lifting 2 years

All of them? IDK dude, I don’t even have a video of YOU lifting to be able to tell.

Even if I did, I’d tell you to do exactly what I did… If you feel you have a lagging bodypart strength-wise, then go work it. I have literally no information to help you (which I’m starting to regret doing) since you provided none.

Bench presses occasionally aren’t even. When that happens on a consistent basis, I’ve always corrected by switching to DB bench for a bit… that method has worked for many more than just me.

What does your warm up look like? What are you specifically doing to improve thoracic extension and rotation, external rotation of shoulders and scapular retraction?

Do you ever remember injuring your shoulder at all?

Personally I’d either recommend popping to a physio or doing some rotator cuff stability tests from the web and see if there is a weakness there.

My right side was noticeably weaker and some good physio sorted it right out by strengthening one side that I’d previously injured.

No shit!

@Gibran1 did you try hosting the video on YouTube and then share the link?


My warm up is about log big 3, for thoracic extension I do foam rolling, external rotation w bands (I think I have tightness in my infraespinatus and my teres minor because I use to work out hard in external rotation like a lot of bands holds and movements to improve it) (also I thought that I needed to tucked the elbow in bench press hard to my lats creating external rotation I was like 2 months doing that but I understand rn how to do bench press really but now I have a asymetric arms and uneven bottom) for scapular retraction I do scapula retraction and rise my arm to my lower traps

The tucked elbows in bench recreated pain in my bicep tendon exactly in the shoulder insertion but I stop doing that and focusing the weight of the barbel more to my last three fingers making my elbows going outwards to a better lift, after having that knowledge I decided to release stress in that back area as teres minor and lats and that decrease my shoulder pain 0/10 like daily pain not just when lifting but the problem

Hi sir, I didn’t thought that but I did it here is

And here is a back view with a broom

You can stop the video and make a screenshot and put a straight line along the arms exactly in the elbow joint to see the asymetric and also if u see slowly my right arm go more downwards than my left, so maybe I don’t have good mobility in my left arm that get stucked and I can’t do a full rom in my left arm.

There ya go, that’s better.

Maybe @Dr_Grove_Higgins can help out here?

Tough from just that small vid, but looks like left scapula isn’t moving properly. Un fuck your upper back and things will will even out and bicep pain will subside.

More rows and mobility work.

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I will follow your cues, more rows and scapula mobility also if u Can see when I did my rep with the broom my right arm have more decline angle than my left arm, do you thing that following your cues would help with that too or it’s another stuff?

The video I posted is from Kelly starrett, look through some more of his videos as he has a ton on the topic. I’ve dealt with the same issue in the past. It’s going to take time and work, but you can even things out.

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