Unbalanced Chest

Ive noticed for a few years now that my left pectoral is larger than my right.i think that it might be my form wile doing push ups,but dont really have any clue.I dont know much about working out n stuff and what i do know i learned from this site wich i bearly found a month ago or so.It’s been a real help haveing this site.im finaly starting to take my workouts and nutrition seriusly.Anyways any suggestions are greatly appreciated


Assuming you are right handed I’ll bet that your left pec is compensating for the fact that your left arm is weaker than your right. Your right pec doesn’t need to engage as much as your left since your right arm is stronger. So, if you think that is possible, I would stick to dumbells for awhile in your workouts and do 1 arm(right only) flys or presses to get you right pec in gear. Or conversely, concentrate on making your left arm stronger. Make sense?

Makes since thanx alot ill do that

I concur with Brad. Dumbbells are great for fixing muscle imbalances.

Brad hit the nail on the head! Good post.

right-handed people have larger left arms, pectorals, etc.

this is because you use more energy with the left-hand, since it cannot stabilize as well as the right hand can

that way the left part of the body gets more exercise, and therefore is bigger