Twice a Day Training

Hey boyz I was hoping for some comments from people who have tried the twice a day training approach (for same muscle groups in the same day) or anybody who has an ideas about it. I’ve read that Poliquin recommends it to help restore muscles to where they used to be with muscle memory very quickly. What were your experiences? Did it leave you to become overtrained or did you explode like Lyle McDonald claims to have done on his website, gaining 12lbs in 2 weeks? In a couple weeks I’ll be coming off a diet mesocycle, and I thought it might be a good idea to try this out to recover any muscle I might have lost during the diet. Any comments would be appreciated.

I tried it and liked it a lot. I am very Fast twitch oriented so my muscles fatigue rather quickly during a course of a workout. I found with this type of training it just enabled me to get a lot more high quality volume (sets) in during a day. I’m sure it works but I dont know if i’d use it as a muscle memory program though as it is rather intensive. But for busting out of a plateu it’s great.

I expirimented with a twice a day, three times a week, Poliquin manly workouts. It was a bit inventive, but hey it really helped. I didn’t lose much muscle and I dropped fat pretty quickly over a two week peroid. I also 10-15 minutes of sprinting twice a week. However it worked for a short time and for myself (I gain muscle easily, however I gain fat easy too)