Ttokyo 300mg/ml Deca

Anyone know anything about Ttokyo Deca? Is it more painful? Work good? If it means less shots it has to be good right?

Bill Roberts…have you heard anything about this product? I would think it would be really popular because of it’s higher concentration. Or does that have drawbacks too? Lower quality? More painful? Thanks in advance.

I don’t try to follow individual products except those I might be interested in personally, which when it comes to injectables does not include anything except products made by legitimate pharmaceutical companies, though I might (might) be willing to try the GAC stuff. So I don’t know the answer.

I don’t see any significance to the higher concentration. If you want say 200 mL of Deca twice per week, what’s so much easier about injecting 0.67 mL twice per week than 1.00 mL twice per week?

Concentration does make a difference though in the case where concentrations are pretty low, as with say clostebol, or where concentration is fairly low and amount desired may be large, as with Primobolan.

The adavantage I see with the 300 mg product is simply more bang for the buck. If we are talkin about 10cc than if you get and extra 1000mg for the same cash than it is a better product. And forget about the pain factor, come on if you can do german volume training or twenty rep squats than a little shot is nothin!

Well the thing about the concentration is that i’m making deca the main aas. 400-500mg per week (first cycle) So with a 3cc needle 100mg/ml means more than one shot per week. All else being equal I’d only want one!

I think it is good stuff, habent heard anything bad except for what GAC said. Duh he is a competitor.

Bri, Organon Deca, which is admittedly harder to get but is the genuine class stuff, is 200 mg/mL, so volume just is not an issue.

I agree that if you are otherwise relegated to 100 mg/mL, 300 mg/mL is a nice difference.

Ttokkyo injectables are shit… I double dare you to try to inject one of their test products, particularly their cypionate product. Be prepared for extreme swelling, redness, and pain! The deca isn’t as bad, but it ain’t great either.