Tribex + Vitex - First Cycle

I’ve just started my first cycle of Tribex 500 and Vitex (Holland & Barrett’s own brand for those in the UK). I am following label dosages.

After a few days I have only noticed a subtle increase in libido (though I understand this usually takes a week or so to kick in fully). I am also getting massive pumps during workouts that compare to being loaded on creatine.

Is this normal? Has anyone else noticed an increase in their pump? I really wasn’t expecting to ‘feel’ the products as much as I am!


Hey Rex’ster, hows it going? I tried the vitex/tribex androsol medley. I got alot better pumps, it definitely felt different to just the androsol and tribex. It didnt feel as strong as creatine(pump wise), but it felt kinda similar. Has you mrs’ noticed any ‘difference’ so to speak?


Funny you should ask, though I don’t mentally feel more ‘up for it’ I certainly am physically. A wellcome side effect in my book!

You had any luck sorting out some MAG-10 or are you waiting to see whether it gets the OK from customs?

I’ve got some numbers, I checked out the law pertaining to imports - legaly it should be okay. I’ve put togeather some info from a stack of web-sites, but it would be difficult to post here(about 5 pages). We will be able to get it shipped, as far as i can ascertain, it should be fine.

I’m using the same H&B Agnus Castus 400mg product in the UK with Tribex at label dosage between Androsol cycles. I can’t honestly say that I notice any difference to just Tribex but that’s more likely down to me not being that in tune with my body. I certainly can’t report any dramatic increase in ejaculatory volume as others have. On the other hand the stuff is dirt cheap and if there’s a chance that it’s working that’s enough reason for me to use it at the moment. By the way, I’m taking one 400mg capsule daily at breakfast.

Don’t worry about the legalities of importing Mag-10 into the UK. Hell, you can bring in the real deal (steroids) in personal use quantities.
My one concern would be the import duty that those bastards at Customs will slap on it. I brought tribex in fron Canada before it was available in the UK and the import duty almost doubled the cost. The tribex also got held up for about a month at Customs , while they sent me a letter asking me what it was, what it was for, was it for my own use? All in all a royal pain in the arse.

Dannyboy - Let me know if you have any success importing MAG-10 plus any additional costs, I’ll follow your instrucitons if you’re successful.

Eldo - This is my first cycle of Tribex so I’m not sure whether the effects I’m feeling are down to the Tribex, Vitex or a combo of both. By the way, the label dosage for the Vitex is 2 caps twice a day.

Still no major increase in libido but I’m stilly getting crazy pumps and feel harder.

I am also on Tribex and H&B Vitex at label doses, and don’t feel any different at all. Same with Androsol - I don’t feel a thing! That’s not to say it isn’t working though. I can see that it definately is. I should mention that I’m on a pretty severe FF style diet at the moment in anticipation of a Mag-10 bulking cycle, so I guess I’m probably not at my most rampant, though I feel absolutely fine, fully functional, and with plenty of energy right through the day.