Tribex 500 and M?

I read Tim’s letter about how on the two week off cycle of Mag-10 you should use the tribex 500 and M stack, but I have heard that because I am 18 I shouldnt take tribex-500. Do you still need to take the tribex in order for the MAg-10 to work? I am thinking of getting some Mag-10 for after melt-down training, of which I have 3 weeks left.

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MAG-10 works fine without Tribex, but recovery of natural testosterone production is even faster (it’s pretty quick with a 2 week cycle anyhow) with recovery aids such as Clomid, or Tribex, or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M. You’ll retain more of your gains.

Personally, if I were 18, I would be
focusing on my training and nutrition
rather than using either MAG-10 or Tribex,
unless I were competing for an athletic scholarship or something like that. And no,
that’s not a case of “do as I say not as I did”… I made a point of training naturally for six years (I’d always planned on at least five) before using the juice.

I doubt I’d ever have learned how to train and eat right if I’d been using the juice from early on.

thanks for your response. I dont think I am going to be using Mag-10, as I am nowhere near my genetic cieling, and I have only been training “hard” (bodybuilding/t-mag style) for a little less than a year now, before I just did random workouts, you know, back and biceps, chest and triceps, etc… Now my workouts and diet have a lot more direction and I have made some huge gains since I started working out smart.

Sounds good!

BTW, while in your case I wouldn’t recommend supplements that change the body’s function, the kind of supplements I’d be interested
in, in your situation, are ones that
address needs for nutrition. There, you’re
definitely benefited. So good protein
products, for example, or Surge, could
help you significantly.

It’s also true that you
can do very well with carefully selected
food, but that can be impractical sometimes,
seeing as how many times per day it’s
beneficial to have such nutrient intake (at least 5 times per day, preferably more)
and since most foods are not high in protein, or if high in protein, are also high in fat.