Tren: "The Heaviest and Most Taxing on Your Body"

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on a side tangent… I have the flu, feel so shit… I’m going on almost 72 hours without adequate sleep (probably 5 hours sleep in the past 72 hours)… I feel like I’m shutting down, but I can’t fall asleep due to a splitting headache! Acquired the flu (fever etc) 24 hours ago, but the sore throat, constant coughing etc started 72 hours ago… I’m bound to pass out from exhaustion eventually

I don’t understand why people want to compare mg’s to mg’s as if it’s apples to apples. It absolutely does NOT follow that 200mg of tren is safer than 1000mg of test. I don’t know why everyone here seems to think that. What would be the reason? It’s a different fucking compound.

Your argument is akin to saying ‘why are so many people saying 1 glass of alcohol is bad, when they’re drinking like 10 glasses of orange juice??? Doesn’t that much orange juice HAVE to be bad?’ No. No it does not.

So yea, I’d still much rather take a shit ton more test than tren.

You have a point there, well I agree that 1G of test is of course likely more safe than a low dose of Tren

But I meant mixing various other compounds like 3 with orals at advanced dosages is probably not much safer.

Well… I mean if you’re drinking bottles of orange juice daily it’s not great… the refined sugar content is fairly high (can predispose those already at risk for type 2 diabetes etc). And alcohol is bad for you? I didn’t understand what you were saying, there’s no arguing that booze is good for you… it isn’t, one might say “the antioxidants present within red wine may counteract the systemic toxicity induced”… but even then, new literature has surfaced showcasing this may not be the case

I’d honestly rather take 1000mg test than 200mg tren (though I wouldn’t do either)… The sheer risk associated with tren just isn’t worth it. There was a guy on here recently who used 700mg tren on his first cycle… with 350 winny…

1000mg test will induce say a 30-40% reduction in HDL… 200mg tren for many will crush HDL, skyrocket LDL, induce cardiorespiratory alterations (breathlessness, wheezing etc)… night sweats, profound autonomic dysfunction, neuropsychiatric disturbance and more…

I don’t understand why so many are so quick to jump on tren… its not safe, and if you’re using like 1 gram (one guy on here went up to 2g on his first cycle)… at that point you might as well be smoking crack (joking… sort of, in terms of systemic toxicity to the myocardium they’re probably comparable… I mean… two GRAMS of tren)

Oh hope you get well man, rest it out.

Must be a heavy ass flu then, not on gear atm?

Well let’s just hope it aint corona lol (jk)

Wtf lol, if that was not a troll then the dude deserved to get issues by natural selection :laughing:

I can’t even believe people like this, that is absolutely insane, it’s like asking for a heart attack.

I dont even dare to touch what are considered moderate to advanced dosages, only once went above 300 for a prep, never again.

Not on gear per se, on 100mg test and 100-140mg deca depending on the week… The deca certainly won’t be out of my system within the next week. Despite the excess strain on my heart present within these compounding factors… on the plus side I won’t lose a ton of weight, there’s a protective mechanism at play

This is about as heavy as I go, though I run say 200-220mg year round. I don’t cycle

If I ever “run anything” it’s typically a very short experiment with an oral lasting 2 weeks or so… or ill add a different compound at say 100-150mg on top of 100mg test.

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The guy who ran 2g tren as part of his first cycle was worse. On the forums a clear alteration within his demeanor became present, he appeared unstable even… Then stated eventually he started getting jaundice, will instead cruise on very high dosages of test (he doesn’t think he ever needs to go off… stated it was fine, disagreed with me when I said people like Boston Lloyd will probably die young)

He went from like natty elitist “if you’re going to use gear use responsibly” to being like… the biggest idiot

I don’t know why but I’m imagening that dude being KanevskyFitness haha

Also took something like full cycle including Tren with 300mg of anadrol and 4 grams of test a week 10/15 iu growth a day or something, and still didnt look impressive.

Talks shit on anyone who criticizes him, dude was bald at 23 or something.

Another guy… forgot his name… had a youtube channel, preached how the compounds were safe, used full retard dosages without breaks… if I recall correctly ended up with cardiomyopathy in his mid 20’s… what an idiot… I mean, no judgement from me…

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Did I mention he was talking about using diuretics whilst dehydrating himself… without medical supervision? I think he will be dead within the next ten years.

“Trenny-Four Seven”



You can’t possibly think this is a good idea (you used a thumbs up emoji) right?

Many can’t even use tren for six weeks, let alone a year…

I don’t think anybody using tren, ever, for any reason is a good idea.

But if he’s gonna make a vlog and take tren 24/7 he’d better fucking name it Trenny Four Seven.


I mean… I can think of when it isn’t a TERRIBLE idea

imagine you’ve got a modelling contract, need to stay diced year round… you’re getting paid millions so you can afford the best medical care/supervision available, perhaps you’re even getting it on script (Greg Doucette states on his youtube channel that some are getting scripted tren in overseas HRT clinics)… It’s not the smartest choice, but if I was given a multi-million dollar contract yearly for the expense of taking tren… I’d probably succumb to the trenbologni sandwich.

Well, im not futher surprised after reading the previous, but yes sounds like he won’t live long if he keeps going like that indeed, well propably enough damage has already been done.

Man, my friend gave me tren, and being an idiot I just took it for about three weeks. My BP almost went critical and around week three I noticed some erection issues. I don’t care how much your hypothetical modeling contract is paying you, nothing is worth a boke dick.

Aren’t you a sheriff? Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical for a sheriff to be using drugs that he/she would arrest others for?

That being said, the notion of ED/BP increase is subjective, the real side effects are cardiac related, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity (new data has come out showcasing recreational use of AAS appears to induce substantial cognitive deficits). I don’t get ED on deca, I feel fantastic on it

and millions is worth ED as one can use trimix… ED solved

I am retired. And I was never big believer that AAS should be illegal in the first place.