Travelling with Supplements These Days

Hey T-folks. I’m flying home to Texas for Thanksgiving next week, and it occurred to me today that I might get hassled (or temporarily incarcerated) if I try to carry my Surge, glutamine, and BCAAs on board. After all, they’re all white powders, and we know how skittish people are about those these days. So, this question goes out to all those who have flown recently and tried to take supplements on board airplanes with them: Any problems? Should I have my mom just buy small quantities of my stuff in Houston instead of trying to transport my stash there? Thanks!

Well if you’re Mom is paying for it, god damn right. Seriously though, I had a buddy of mine who had to explain himself with his vanilla flavored protein powder in his bag.

Just pack it in your suitcase, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you bring it as your carryon, just be sure to keep it in the original container. And try not to cause a commotion while on the plane by taking out some white powder and spreading it around.

I travel alot for business, and i take everything with me. Surge, AP, etc. I have never had any problems in my travels.

5kad much problem flying Dallas, Austin, Denver, or LA. One time I was asked to take a few swallows of a pre-mixed protein/carb drink that I was carrying on board with me. If you keep it in the bags you check it won’t be a problem. One exception is that if your bags are selected to be searched at check in. This is the random computer selection to search bags. If you get selected they will literally unfold everyone of your underwear. I don’t think they would care about your supps though.

If you stash your supps in your check-in your fine. Of course people are going to question a big old tub of a white powdery substance being brought ON the plane! If you check it in with the mofo at the counter though, no problemo! Any powdery substances or capsules can deffinitly appear to be a red light at the airport. Now-a-days. But again, nobody gives a rats ass about the check-in baggage except the Beegle patrol, and frankly Rover does not search for Surge!

Right on - I’ll just check it through. Thanks for the replies!