Traps w/back or shoulders??

I have been doing back on tues. and my traps with my shoulders on thursday (lately). I was just wondering if those of you out there who do a four or five day split, do your traps on your back day, or on your shoulder day??

I usually train them with back, just because they’re already warmed up from deadlifts. If I don’t do deadlifts in my back workout, though, I’ll train them with shoulders and incorporate a deep stretch in my upright rows. Either one is okay if your back and shoulder workouts are a few days apart. If they’re on consecutive days, I’d do them with back, and only use 2 sets of shrugs, because they’re getting hit pretty heavy. What does your split look like?

I prefer traps with shoulders 'cause they’re already being hit.

I usually do them with shoulders. For what reason? Probably because it’s what I’ve always done. But I noticed that if I do some shoulder presses (dumbell or barbell), then my traps are already warm for some shrugs. Not to mention that my back day takes so much out of me (usually five exercises @ 4 sets apiece minimum) that I simply have no room for traps on that day. It’s all personal preference man!

Your reply is my thinking exactly!! thanks for the replies fellas!

i do traps on dead lift day

Traps can be worked with just about any muscle group as they can take a lot of volume and frequency. I don’t think you can build them optimally training them with the same frequency as you would train other major muscle groups (back, shoulders, arms, chest, etc.)If you don’t do a hip dominant day where you’re doing exercises such as pulls and deadlifts than I would work them with back and throw them in on another day as well. They even make an excellent partner with biceps. By doing shrug type movements before biceps many people can curl more weight. The reasoning is probably part neurological and part mechanical but you’ll find in Don Alessi’s recent series on bicep training that upper back balance is a pre-requisite for good biceps development.

I mix it up. If I do traps with back I will do close grip uprights and any exercises that might stress both bodyparts to a degree. If I do traps with shoulders, than I do wide grip upright rows and others. I will do rear delt flyes with a delt/trap workout because I believe rear delts need a good slam rather often. They get enough stimulus from back days, so they get hit about twice per week. Basically, I mix it up. (WARNING: ONLY ADVID BODYBUILDERS WILL UNDERSTAND THE PRECEEDING DUE TO THE LACK OF WRITING SKILLS BY THE AUTHOR.) later…

I’ve done traps with shoulders, back or during hip dominant days. Currently, I’m doing traps with my back workout.

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