Training when almost 80 years young

I’m 79 and train 4 times a week.
2 upper body workouts and 2 lower body workouts.
Example of upper body workout:

  1. Seated Row
    80 kg
    8-8 reps 8/4 rest pause

  2. Wide dips
    10 reps bwt
    10 kg belt
    12-12-12/6 rest pause

  3. Barbell curl
    30 kg
    5-5-5/3 rest pause
    12 reps 20 kg

  4. Triceps Pressdown
    25 kg
    12 reps 12,5 kg

  5. Shoulders light band 30’ iso 3 sets

  6. Face pull 15 kg 3x12

Upper body
Tuesday 23 April
Upper body


What a stud. Hopefully I can train like you into my 70s!

This is how I aspire grow

This is very inspiring to see. You must have tons of wisdom to teach us aging lifters that aspire to be in such great shape at your age. Care to share any tips?

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Edit: Training “like a badass” when almost 80 years young.

That was a legit workout session. I was expecting to see a bunch of nonsense in that session but you are not only training but training hard as well.

Bravo to you sir!

I was impressed to see dips in there.

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You look great sir. Well done!

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Multi, D3/K2, Resveratrol, DIM, Maca, Shilajit**.**

No problem

Very inspirational, sir!
It would be most interesting to hear a bit more about your strength training journey through the years. Something tells me you have a great story to tell. What brought your physique to this amazing state?

Much respect

My doc and I chatted about how people can maintain from 70-80, but past 80 is when they really start to age. May I say Bernhard, you are heading into your 80s a quarter mile ahead, and are an exception. You are not maintaining, you appear to be thriving.