Training Plan For Forced Schedule

What would be an optimal training plan for a 4 month beginner?

Schedule: I have a weightlifting class at school that last a little above an hour, it changes between Mon, Wendesday, Friday and Tuesday, Thursday, every week.
Stats: 128 Pounds
16 Years old

Diet: I’m eating about 2700 calories a day 300g of Carbs 190 Protein and 70g of fat.

Current Regiment: I do bro splits 4-5x a week and am not gaining much weight, my goal is to bulk up and go for aesthetics.

Thanks in advanced T Nation!

Are you meaning general strength movements…or specifically clean and press & snatch?

For now I can do anything that involves resistance training, i can make my own schedule (no foam rolling or cardio though)

Why can’t you do what you’re currently doing? One on your days just happens to be in this weightlifting class.

Trying to move onto full body training due to time constraints after school, I have track and dont want that to interfere. So I’m hoping I can work out 3-4 times a week so I dony overtrain.

I assume your on a Track team? Would you say that it holds a higher level of importance?

No working out holds a higher level of importance to me, but I still do need to go at least once a week.

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You should be fine. Worrying about something that isn’t a problem yet is a good way to derail yourself.

A 5/3/1 program would work well.

Try this:

Day 1: Squat & Bench
Day 2: Power Clean & Deadlift
Day 3: Front Squat & (Overhead) Press

This will require that every other week, you will need to find a gym to train at on the weekend, to do your third workout.

You’re young, inexperienced, and small. Eat a lot, and get strong on the basic lifts. You’ll gain muscle and the increased strength will definitely help out with track.

I’m guessing you have the type of build where as long as you don’t just eat fast food constantly, you probably won’t gain too much fat if you “bulk” up. Maybe. So you’ll look bigger, and after a while, once you’ve gotten stronger and bigger, you can try to diet down and look more defined if that’s your goal.

If you do heavy lifting + conditioning + plus a lot of (heathy-ish) food, you could most likely get bigger and really not gain a ton of fat at all. Or you can skip conditioning (although you have track) and eat crap and get bigger faster. But more of it will be be fat. And it won’t build any good eating habits. But that’s up to you.

Sleep a TON and eat a TON and drink a TON of water, and you should recover. If you’re interested in supplements I’ve only ever used protein powder (once or twice for a couple weeks. Can’t afford it) and fish oil. I’m 19, so we’re close in age. I personally think that’s good enough for now.

Haha thanks man I’ll definitely do that, and yeah I gain 0 to no fat while bulking haha.


Enjoy that while you can!

Good luck

Get on a Dan John template…

Really start pushing the calories and preworkout meal add some junk/sugary crap once or twice a week until hit say 150lbs