Training Chest/Delts w/ AC Injury?

Hi all, 1st post.

Been reading around a bit, seems like I have an ac injury in my shoulder (unconfirmed…need to see docs i guess)
pain at end of my collarbone when pressing (bench or overhead)

I’ve tried resting for weeks - months, taking some supps, super cissus etc, doing some rotator cuff work… doesnt really seem to help.

Its been 5 months now and I cannot press without pain, i can get up to 1 plate on the bench or 60lb dumbells b4 I can feel the pain - I can go heavier and work through the pain but I dont think this is a good idea.

you guys have any tips on training chest / delts while trying to recover from this type of thing?
I can side lateral with no pain, light dumbell presses, and flyes thats about it…

thanks in advance, mike

Here’s a few links that you should find helpful, especially the first one:

Hope this helps you and that you have a speedy and thorough recovery. Good luck!