Total vs. Free T

I just had my T measured as follows:

Free - 18.6 pg/ml, normal for my age is 18 - 39.

Total Test 1233 ng/dl.

I have only been taking Tribex(never took roids) and that may explain my high total T but my free T is horrible in comparison. Part of the problem is that I have an overactive thyroid that I'm trying to get control over. This is known to increase SBHG's. I read that nettle extracts may help the conversion process. My doc is worried that I may be producing too much estradiol(?) due to the high total T. Is there anything I can do to improve the free T or is it something I should worry about? I'm 37 years old. I'm fairly muscular at 225 lbs but the last few years I have noticed my abdominal fat increase depite a good diet.


Estradiol is a very potent hormone. In women, it is responsible for developement of secondary sex characteristics. In high doses, men will even begin to grow real breast tissue. In lower does it deposits fat and this could explain your excess abdominal fat. The body likes to have a certain amount of test., and when this level gets too high the body will often turn the excess test into estradiol. I believe that there are chemicals that can counteract this test. to estradiol reaction but I cannot tell you what they are. Ask your doctor. If he doesn’t know of any, perhaps the “steroid community” may have an answer for you.


why doesn’t your doc have you get your estradiol levels checked. if there high, maybe he’ll prescribe you an anti-estrogen. you’re total T levels are very high. it’s hard to believe that your free levels are that low. my total T was only 238ng/dl when i had it checked and my free was 49.3pg/ml. what was your bioavailable T? i don’t if you made a spelling error but SBHG should be SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). my advice is use an anti-estrogen.