Topical Yohimbine

What is the best way of topically applying Yohimbine HCL? DMSO? Would it be possible to mix with 99% alcohol in an androsol sprayer? What about Yohimburn? And while I’m asking all these questions might as well throw this one out there, anyone got any idea where I can get hold of some Yohimbine HCL powder in the UK? -eXp

I would also like to know how well the yohimbine hcl w/dmso works. I have a source for the yombine hcl powder but not sure about the dosing.

Having experimented quite a bit with it,
my opinion strongly is it’s really not
worth doing, even if improved with several
other components that might be expected
to be useful, and even when doing it
“correctly” as opposed to what your
method was implying. (I don’t want to
reveal the error though: it seems
that other companies are locked into the same error and
why help them?)

The poor results are why “Alphasol”
is not a Biotest product despite previous