Too much hype??? (please print)

CR, the gains in the NEJM study from 600 mg/week
testosterone were 13.4 lb average after TEN WEEKS. I
wouldn’t call that excellent especially when starting with

What I was saying is that #1, my experience which includes
personally knowing a lot of people as well as definitely over
1000 individuals corresponding with me by e-mail
regarding their results (of course some will be unreliable but
because they wanted the best answers, chances are most
tried to be reasonably accurate) the fact just is that 500
mg/week testosterone for 2 weeks is no miracle program
and doesn’t outperform Androsol. And #2, what scientific
evidence there is says either that anabolic effect from
moderate testosterone doses is hard to find, too small to
have been proven statisfically significant by the study
(doses were too low also) or that gains were moderate with
moderate doses like 600 mg/week (the NEJM study.) There
are no scientific studies showing fast gains from moderate
dose testosterone. So the scientific evidence doesn’t
contradict my observations and actually supports them
(though I think the observations are more important: the
number of cases is far larger and the applications were

Those that are upset and feel my statement was hype must just not be familiar enough with
what two Sustanons per week will do in just 2 weeks, or are
confusing results from 8 weeks with results from 2 weeks,
or just ascribing god-like powers to the Sustanon that aren’t
merited at those dosages. Or are assuming that Androsol
can’t give you even 5 lb in two weeks. (5-7 lb is I think an average figure.)

Now, I’ll give you some free-throw criticisms you CAN make that are valid though. I’m ugly. I’m only 190 lb right now (dropped off after an illness and haven’t gotten it back yet.) I should have finished my PhD months ago but am still working on it due to procrastination. My calves are pitiful. My bench press sucks, can’t bench near what it looks like I could bench.

Knocking me with all that is cool, but DON’T
say that I lied about or misrepresented what
Androsol does! :slight_smile: