Tofu for Post-Workout Insulin Spike?

When doing a bit more research on the glycemic index, I noticed that on the white bread scale, tofu frozen dessert (non-dairy) was rated the highest at 164, followed by maltodextrin at 150. My questions are these: would it be wise to use the tofu for a greater insulin spike for post-workout? Secondly, since insulin levels peak around 90 minutes after digestion, what was the argument concerning taking in carbs before a workout? I know that it had something to do with the actual activity of the workout itself, but I did not quite understand it (previous post). Would it be a good idea (if wanting to gain muscle) to take in high g.i.-index carbs about 30min prior to one’s workout, and then follow up immediately after the workout with a more traditional drink like 50g protein/50g carbs with the hopes that the previous ingestion of high gi carbs would help make the post-workout drink more effective?

The gist of my point with pre-workout carb ingestion is that if timing results in peak insulin at the beginning of the workout, hypoglycemia will ensue and workout will suffer. This is the thing, insulin promotes glucose extraction from the blood. This is a good thing, but muscle contraction also promotes glucose extraction from the blood, so if both of these things happen coincidentally, bam!! low blood sugar and you feel weak as alittle girl. It takes time for insulin to peak, so by ingesting carbs within 30 min you avoid this. Caveat: really simple carbs can cause a more rapid rise insulin.

Once the workout starts, insulin release is shut down by adrenergic stimulation, so you don't have to worry about it.

To expand a bit, by ingesting carbs during the workout you can attenuate the catabolic effects of working out. Once you start working out your body starts metabolizing protein to feed gluconeogenesis and maintain blood glucose. This becomes pronounced as the duration of the workout progresses. By ingesting carbs during the workout you can actually shut down gluconeogenesis and attenuate protein/amino acid metabolism.

The tofu may be Hi GI, but it is soy protein and there are some drawbacks to soy. Stick with the maltodex and protein mix.