To Train, or Not To Train?

I’ve been doing Ian King’s Great Guns program for 8 weeks now and have had great results. Today I am scheduled to do Phase III Workout B. However, upon rising this morning I noticed I had a little problem. My damn biceps are sore! I trained my chest and back yesterday for about 45 minutes. I did the same maintainence workout I have been doing for most of the 8 weeks. This is crazy because I have a hard time making my arms sore when I isolate them and have never experienced soreness in my biceps after a back workout. Normally I wouldn’t lift a muscle that is still sore, but I want to stay on schedule in this program. What do you guys think?

I’d take a day off. No big deal.

TEK - I’ve read some of your posts and know you did this program. How did you go about doing the warm-up in Phase III? I have been doing a bicep/tricep superset warm-up and then the bicep/tricep superset work-set in this phase. In Phase I, which is similar to Phase three, I went through the entire workout once as a warm-up then once as work- sets.

As I recall, I didn’t do it the way Ian said to. I warmed up really well at first using a wide variety of angles/exercises. Then I just followed the program as is, only without the warm-up sets. I got them all out of the way in the beginning. Oh, and I usually jumped rope for a few minutes before starting the warm-ups.

I’m just about to finish my first three week cycle in a few days. It is a great program and after this “humbling phase” I feel a bit bad in the gym. People are always asking me what the hell I’m doing. I just tell them it’s a secret so as to avoid resting too long. If your that far into your program I think it puts you into the more fun lower rep-higher weight phase, right? I’ll be the first to say I may be wrong, but perhaps the effects of the arm program gave you a very fast surge of arm strength right about the same time the rest of your upper body should be lagging a bit. Those maintenance programs are just that- maintenance.
Maybe you were still pushing the same heavier weights as normal, but your arms, with all their newfound strength, had to take up the slack for the rest of the upper body. That could verywell be the cause of the soreness. I went into it expecting to lose a bit of strength in the rest of my upper body and was willing to sacrifice that and just get it back afterwards.
Take an extra day of rest (you’re keeping 3 days between arm workouts, right?), then keep on going. Change your upper body routine to a lighter weight- higher reps workout. Take the classic 8-10 range for example and just go for the feel of really using only the targeted muscle. Try to really keep your arms out of the action. Widening your grip will help on most lifts.
Also, you may want to remember to prioritize your workouts so that you do your upper body after arms, not before. The whole focus here is arms. Forget the big bench days and such.
Good luck and I hope I could be of some help.
Looking forward to the next phase.

Thanks for the info TEK.

Gary E - Good input bro. I haven’t been pushing myself that hard on my maintainence days (at least it doesn’t seem like I am). I never really thought of it the way you put it, that maybe my arms are taking up the slack of my back. That could be it. I think I’ll bag the weighted pull ups.