To Chris Shugart - Sorness and Growth Surge Project

Chris, I am following the one-workout per day version of the Growth Surge project. Going Great so far. I started Phase Two on Sunday (a day early, i couldn’t wait), so I am schedualed to do squats today, but my gluts are still a little sore from doing lunges the second day, do i just suck it up and squat? Take a day off? What? Just trying to make the most of my Mag-10. Thanks for you help.

Help! I train in a few hours need advice!!!

If you feel pooped or otherwise overtrained, take the day off. If you just have some slightly sore glutes, then go for it. That happens to me sometimes and I just use super heavy partial squats, I mean bar bending heavy. These tear up the quads nicely but don’t hit the glutes too much.

You probably won’t have this problem next week. It was just the novelty of the program that caused the excess soreness. Surge or a Surge-like drink would help too. (Don’t know if you’re using that or not.)

No not feeling overtrained just alittle sore, and yes I am Surging during this Phase. Thanks for your advice I am going to squat. Thanks.