To Brock or Bill with thanks

I have read the diffrent anabolic reviews in books and on the internet and have be given the brilliant advice of local bodybuilders(YEAH RIGHT), but respect your opinion so please help. This is for a female bodbuilder. What is your suggestions with the use of clenbuteol, cytomel. The last show: clen,2days on 2 off with MD6 on off days would 2weeks on 3 off MD6 off weeks work better or would your scrap it to use MD6. The Cytomel 5 days on 2 off tappering up and then back down for six weeks, The highest dose of 25mcg/day. What would be your suggestions on tolerence for a women (ie50-75mcg/day.) Last, for hardness the last 20 days I have been informed that Nolvadex,and Proviron would remove estrogen and help remove water. I am hesitant on the Proviron, I have read that it stimulates ovulation. Please help Thank you