Titan Tim Tackling his Twenties

Hello, I am Timothy
As of right now I am 16 yrs old
I am on beginner prep school 5/3/1 working out twice a week.
Cycles go like Week 1,Week 3 then onto the next(week 2 is a deload)

Bench:145x8-185 lbs
Squat: 245x2-260 lbs
Deadlift:285x4-325 lbs
Press:85x9-110 lbs

Squat isn’t recent
Man i am weak

I am currently 180 ish lbs and i’m eating more

My goals are to have an estimated max of bro standards or above. Too busy getting stronger to test.

Deadlift- doesn’t matter cause already in 300 zone but 400 would be nice


Monday: Wk 1 Deadlift: 195x5 220x5 250x7

195x5 195x5 195x5 195x5 195x5 deficit double overhand

Wk1 Press: 65x5 75x5 85x9

65x5 65x5 65x5 65x5 65x5

How long are ur limbs though?

No clue
Just have long arms and legs

Thursday:Wk 1 Bench: 110x5 130x5 145x10

110x5 110x5 110x5 110x5 110x5

Wk 3 Squat 165x5 185x5 210x6

165x5 165x5 165x5 165x5 165x5

Estimated bench max:195

5 lbs away from my 200 goal

I wish i did this program in the beginning of the year
Didn’t get 10 for squats but could try next week
I set the safety bars too high

Lower body has been pretty crappy this week form wise

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Wk 1 squat

160x5 185x5 210x6

160x5 160x5 160x5 160x5 160x5

Wk 1 Bench

120x5 135x5 150x10

120x5 120x5 120x5 120x5 120x5

200 bench woohoo

:confused: squat plateau

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Thursday: Wk 3 Deadlift

205x5 235x5 260x5

205x5 205x5 205x5 205x5 205x5

Wk3: 70x5 80x5 90x8

70x5 70x5 70x5 70x5 70x5

Rrrrrrrrghh shit day i’m gonna murder 260 next week i was aiming for 10. I went to bed late watching something.

Least i got a ohp pr
Still felt really weak tho

I’m gonna crush lower body next week

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Good stuff brother. Looks like works being done in the gym. How about outside of it? > Diet + Sleep?

Diet is stable. Sleep is all over the place. I need to fix that

Wk 1 Deadlift

200x5 230x5 255x9

200x5 200x5 200x5 200x5 200x5

Wk 1 Press

70x5 80x5 90x10

70x5 70x5 70x5 70x5 70x5

Got 8 hours of sleep last night
Missed desired rep pr by one rep on deads, press was perfect

But a pr is a pr

Dead max around 330
Press around 120

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I’ll take you on in a sleep contest

You’ll probably win tbh.

I wanna be strong like you geez

In for the log.

In for the @Guineapig worship. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t feel like it right now as I wake up groggy as fuck. Seems like I need 10 hours or something crazy like that lol

You’ll get there most likely and do better. I wasn’t lifting when I was your age so if you do all the little things right and focus on the process then long term the sky’s the limit

Glad you’re establishing a good strength base straight away, I wasted time on a bro split when I was sixteen

I wasted time freshman and sophomore year of high school.
I wasted time beginning of this year too. I despise my squat so much I’m finding my tm today again but this time with adequate form.

I worked up to a 175 for 5 squat
This is depressing but it was 5 strong reps.
For bench
115x5 130x5 150x9
Ugh one less rep than last week.
I left out fsl because i’m sick

Yeah this is hella depressing idk if me being sick is a factor. Probably is considering my diet was all “sickness killing stuff” and I wasn’t eating right. I wished I stayed home tbh.
I’ll set my tm to 200