Titan Log Bar Question


So I have a Olympic, power, Buffalo and Swiss bars for my home gym. Never used a strongman bar in my life-is there a benefit to getting one (see below) that the ones I have presently dont give me?


Logs are flat out awesome. I have the log Titan made before they switched to a rackable model.

Biggest thing with logs is you can do Viper presses with them, which are an incredible full body movement.

Here is the OG demonstrating it

Here I am using it for a Kalsu-esque WOD

I’ve got a torn bicep right now, and “cleaning” a log is far less traumatic on it than an axle, because I can really slow things down if I need to and not rapidly shift weight around.

A log’s increased diameter places the weight further out in front of you, which makes it more challenging to press, so it’s a unique challenge.

If I did not compete in strongman and I had to make a small footprint home gym, a log would factor into it. If I could only have two pieces of equipment, it’d be a log and a prowler. With those two pieces of equipment, I’d be able to get in a monster full body workout, and I could lean them both up against a wall when I’m not using them.

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I have the log you linked and it’s my favorite weapon, even though I do not compete in strongman. To get the most from it, I suggest getting the drop pads or setting a tire or two under it. Very rarely do I use it from the rack.

I originally bought a Swiss bar because of an old shoulder injury that requires some attention occasionally, but stopped using it for overhead work since getting the log about 9 months ago.

The log has taught me how weak I am and that direct ab work is necessary. Viper presses for reps made me question the efficacy of the “cardio” I was doing.

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Admittedly, I’m a schmuck. But I’ve been toying in my head if there would be enough additional non-overlapping benefits from the log that I don’t get from the Swiss bar to Justify it?

Doesn’t cleaning the swiss bar hurt?

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Tire, and I haven’t cleaned with it-I use my other bars for that.

I think you just found something the log can do better :slight_smile:

Yup-trying to make my case for this tk my better 1/2

If you want to pick something heavy off the floor and press it overhead, get the log if its in your budget. If you only want to press, then I can see where you have a dilemma: Swissbar? Traditional barbell? Log? American gridiron bar? American cambered grip bar? And so on and so forth.

I hope you are kidding about the better 1/2. If not, you either should work on your self-esteem or get the log so you can become at least equal to the other half.

The Better 1/2 comment was about my budget. I’ve spent quite a bit of $ on my gym, lines get drawn somewhere.

In that case, if you can afford the log and you plan to clean and press overhead, it certainly has benefits over the bars you currently own. If it’s not in the budget yet, wait for a sale or until you can afford one.

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Last-last one…

This multi grip log bar (see below)

Would it wouldn’t be better than the non-multi grip log bar? The one above kind looks like my Swiss bar with a “log” component.

And while I’m at it, I have both a Yukon bar and also a Swiss bar- so adding a multi grip cambered bar (see below) wouldn’t add anything? Nor should I buy it and sell the Swiss and Yukon bars to do so?


I haven’t seen any good reviews on that log bar

Yeah so I’ll roll with the other one.

What’s your take on the multi grip cambered bar vs or in addition to what I have portion of my post?

I have no experience with it.

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I’ve never tried a multi-grip log, but the 9.75" diameter would be too narrow in my opinion, and I’ve never seen a strongman train with one of these. I also have no experience with the multi-grip cambered bar you linked, but I can see where it would have its place if one has sufficient funds.

Once again, if you plan on cleaning it from below the knees, then pressing it overhead, go with the 12" diameter log for an extra $57. If drop pads aren’t in the budget, get a couple old tires from anywhere to lift the log off and drop it on.

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