Tirzepitide dosing help

I have a hard time grasping the dosing of Tirzepitide from powder form.

I have a raw 5mg powder of Semaglutide so dosing per weekly injecting currently is .5mg (.2cc) of the powder (5mg/2mL based on my bac water i put in). This is one of the standard dosing protocols of .25mg, .5mg, 1mg, 2mg or 2.4mg. So the 5mg powder will last at most 20 weeks or 2 weeks.

Now with Tirzepitide, i also have a raw 5mg powder but the dosing protocols i see are either 5mg injections, 10mg or 15mg. I assume the whole 5mg powder of tirzepitide isnt only a 1 week supply?

Example: i put the same amount of 2mL BAC water and becomes 5mg/2mL similar to the semaglutide i have. How many total injections would yield at a dose of 5mg per week with the tirzepitide?

If you are taking 5mg per week, you’d use the whole vial per week.

Triptizide is more expensive than semaglutide typically from what I’ve seen. Your money goes further with semaglutide, but it isn’t as potent either. I stick with semaglutide as it’s powerful enough for me, and more power here isn’t necessarily better. If you lose to fast, you lose muscle too.

Damn thats what i expected but hoped that wasnt the case. Thank you