Tiny Freak

Forty-six years old and not giving up. My plan is to evade decrepitude by training hard for as long as humanly possible.

Old logs:

July 2010 to December 2010

February 2010 to July 2010

August 2009 to February 2010

The Kimba basics:

  • I’m 5’4.5" and 111 lbs or so. I am not that tiny, nor super-freakish. But CBear says I’m a Tiny Freak, so I am.

  • Nothing focuses my attention as much as getting under a heavy bar. The ultimate cure for monkey mind.

  • I don’t do weight loss or fat loss here: my goal is maintenance.

  • My cardio is bicycling in the good weather, and downhill skiing and XC ski-skating when there is snow.

  • My goal is to lift heavier things, but in a rational, sustainable, injury-free way.

  • I started 5/3/1 in January 2010 and am currently in Wave 12. I’ve lowered my maxes significantly several times, and am in Squat Rehab for horrible knee cave. I plan on repeating 5/3/1 at Wave 1 starting in January 2011.

  • Although I am used to and accept being the Kimba Freak Show in my weight room, it would be real lonely for me without the PW compound of women and the men who frequent the place.

  • Being here has improved my squat and deadlift form exponentially. I like posting videos and getting your ideas for improvement.

  • Specifically I want:

a 1.5 x bodyweight back squat (170 lbs.)
a 2 x bodyweight sumo deadlift (225 lbs.)
a 1 x bodyweight bench press (110 lbs. – I’m rounding this down cause this is my suckiest lift)
an 85 lb. military press
40 bodyweight dips
10 pullups

I am making strength gains as fast as a snail on valium (with thanks to N. for the apt phrase), but I’m good with that.

  • My PRs as of today are:
    Back squat - 130 lbs for 1 rep
    Sumo deadlift - 185 lbs for 1 rep
    Bench press - 92 lbs for 1 rep
    Military press - 67.5 lbs for 2 reps
    Dips - BW 1 x 27, +35 lbs, 1 rep
    Chinups - BW 1 x 10

New pants for my birthday present.

Embrace it.

Happy new log and happy pants!

Kimba! So first, tell us, did you make googly eyes at Shaq? Second, you look amazing. And third, your progress is slow? If you just started lifting heavy in August of 09 when you started logging–your numbers are insanely impressive! You go girl.

^Love the pants & immediately thought of Elton John when I read your the title of your thread.

As for training, diggin’ both the dips & chinups. Great work Kimba.

hold me closer tiny freak. Kimba you are looking super hot, strong, and empowered! Wait, can someone look empowered? The answer is yes you can!

Your pics are always stunning Kim. And so are your numbers.

And your progress is anything BUT slow. Every damn day you post a PR :wink:

Nadia, I tried to make googly eyes at Shaq but perhaps I just succeeded in crossing them and looking crazy. Best birthday present ever – 7th row seats behind the away bench, perfect view of the winning three-pointer by Ray-ray. Actually, I started lifting in July 2008, so there are no more newbie gains to be had here. Everything is hard fought.

Print, thanks. For some reason I am very strong on dips. Go triceps!

Owlie, that is a really great comment. I love the word EMPOWERED.


46 and smokin’ hot.

10-15 lbs on ya would look even more smokin’ but I guess the favorite pants would carry more weight (unintentional pun) than my opinion. It would make your current top weights toys, though.

Thanks for the old pic and the new one.

nlmain’s a ThreadKilla.

Fucking hell!

That is all.

p.s. sorry for the outburst

Markin a spot!

Nikki, I like the way you remember my PR history and I won’t correct you.

CBear, the other freak song reference that I like is Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”:

So raise your glass if you are wrong,
In all the right ways,
All my underdogs,
We will never be never be anything but loud
And nitty gritty dirty little freaks

DCA, I’ll take the “smokin’ hot” as another birthday present. Remember, here we deal with vanity before strength.

giterdone, if you are happy, I am happy.

More thoughts on my birthday:

  1. Ray Allen has a beautiful shot, and took the winning three pointer right in front of me. SCORE!
  2. Nothing makes me puff up with water weight worse than Demon Alcohol, and I only had one Manhattan!
  3. The beautiful sweater my sister got me has the shoulder room for a waif-like skinny-fat girl, not me. This is the first time in my life that my previously non-existent shoulders have nixed a clothing item.
  4. Imagine a chocolate cookie shell, a warm chocolate-pudding cake interior, topped with a scoop of chocolate gelato, and you have my “birthday cake” last night. Delicious going down, but I’m fine with normal food for a good long while.

I like the goals, obtainable and realistic, but work to get the results. Nice.

Hey - it’s a new log!

great start with the pics and goals!

Wow another log so soon? You’re looking fantastic, by the way.

Betty, Timmy, George, Cal – thanks for the welcome. Apparently I am very wordy, as the logs are sure ticking by quickly.

So today I experimented with running. Its been cold-ish here, but generally snow free and I’ve been trying to figure out my cardio in the “in-between” period where bicycle riding is quite nippy but there isn’t snow on which to cross-country ski.

Many eons ago I tried and quickly abandoned running because I’d get a horrible stitch in my right side after a few minutes and it wouldn’t go away. I spoke about this problem to a few runner friends, and the consensus was this situation is caused by inadequate breathing. Oh, and that I was a huge pussy and could just run through it.


Today is cold and sunny and I was going stir-crazy. So I put on my running shoes (some Saucony low-end model) and started out. I ran for 6 minutes before the horrible stitch started. I did not stop, walked for 2 minutes until I felt better, then ran for 4 minutes and walked for 1 min. Then after that I ran for 13 straight minutes back home, for a total of 26 minutes out my first time with only 3 minutes total walking. I dealt with the stitch by being sure to breathe deeply in though my nose and out through my mouth. That seemed to work.

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t utterly hate it either. I might even be willing to try this again, assuming nothing hurts me too badly tomorrow.

YAY! Another log!! Things can only go up from here :slight_smile:

And lovely pics - our ever gorgeous Tiny Freak!

hilarious running story btw “Oh, and that I was a huge pussy and could just run through it.” HAHAH! This is why love our friends - brutal honesty.

Can’t wait to follow along!

Its cause she’s so popular. She can’t keep up with the Kimba demand.

Love it!!!

so if your too school for cool… :slight_smile:

so raise your glass.

Grabbing my spot for some Kimba and looking forward to this freak log.

Threadkilla Frenchie. Cauze the internet accentz iz deceiving.

Here’s an attempted thread kill; googly eyes for running!